Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas everyone

Hi Everyone
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year.  I have had a lovely one which I'm surprised about as I'm not a great lover of Christmas.  I did no planing - in fact I thought I would just see my two children and grandchildren to open presents and then everyone would be off, but I was told by my daughter only a few days ago that 'of course they'd be coming to me for Christmas lunch'!!  Anyway no panic - I couldn't be bothered to get worked up so I just did chicken, vegs etc.  I already had everything in so didn't need to do the horrendous Christmas shop.  The family had decided to do Secret Santa for the adults so I only had to think of one present, and my daughter sorted that out for me!

I am taking my daughter and grand daughters to Australia in February, so that's their birthday, Christmas and birthday presents all rolled into one - obviously my daughter knew but the girls didn't so we did a Treasure Hunt around the house ending up with labels I'd made giving them a return 'ticket' to Australia.  This is the moment Chloe realised what she had found -


When Emily realised too her reaction was just as good:

Emily said "I've always wanted to go to Australia Grandma"  Just as well really!!

I made them some thank you cards for them to send off, which I put under the tree - I'd seen the idea on C & C with Sara Davies, Crafters' Companion, and used my Cute Companion stamp and CDs, no change there!!  This is Emily's

This is the box:

Here are the cards with inserts and matching envelopes. 

And these are Chloe's:

I think they quite liked them.  I know Kate, their mum, did!!

Right off now to top up my glass (hic)!  Enjoy the rest of your day and what's left of the holiday!
Love xxx


Anita said...

Oh Liz! what a wonderful Mum,Grandma you are Hun( and a wonderful friend What an amazing gift to give them and those Thank You notes and boxes are just beautiful, you are very talented Hun. I am soooo glad you have had such a lovely Christmas and i look forwards to hearing about your fantatsic travels to Australia, have a wonderful Boxing
p.s. would you like to adopt me???? I am house trained ;)...xxxxx

liz said...

He! he! Thank you Anita. Willingly - I'm sure you'd love to be 'locked up' with two children 5 & 10 for 24 hours wanting to know 'are we there yet'!! You enjoy Boxing Day too. Hopefully you've got a lie in today. xx

Linda said...

Wow, - how lovely, what a fabulous surprise.
Great pictures too x

Scrappy~Sarah said...


Love the pics, and the thank you cards are fab :)

liz said...

Thank you guys. xxx