Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Christmas card workshop

I've just finished this card off tonight.  This is one of the class cards we did at the Workshop I went to on Sunday.  It is a 3- card with the sparkling Christmas tree printed off from the Winter Tales CD, then cut out, glittered with Pee Wee crystal and Polar White flower soft,  fixed on the last step with foam pads.  The reindeer is stamped using the Cute Companions Christmas Cheer stamp, painted with H2Os and glittered with Pee Wee glitters fixed on the middle step. The sleigh also stamped from the same stamp set onto red and gold mirror board using gold embossing powder and glittered crystal glitter again.  The background is a paper from the same CD.  The whole card is then put into a 'glass bubble' made from thick acetate.  Very effective, don't you think?

I've got another couple of cards I did at the Workshop to show you but I'll upload those later, so you're not inundated all in one go!!

Byee xx

You'll never guess where I've been!!!

Hi all
I'm back! I've been to a workshop in Rugby with Jayne Nesterenko - my guru! The workshop was all day on Sunday so I had to travel up on Saturday afternoon and come back yesterday lunchtime. Do you know it takes longer to get to London from Eastbourne than it does from London to Rugby? Unbelievable.

Anyway had a really good time and everyone makes you so very welcome. There were about 20 of us and Jayne did the workshop helped by her husband, daughter and her friend. Very well organised and the cards - absolutely brilliant. When I get home tonight I'll upload a couple of the samples I've made - so very effective.

Glad I went but not sure I'll do it again - it is such a long way to go and quite expensive when you count the workshop fee, travel and hotel. But I'm glad I've done it once anyway.

I'll be back later xx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Here we go again part 2 .....

Third page:  opens from middle sideways

This is still the third page,  to give a bit clearer idea of how it  works.

And here's the last page


This opens up from the middle upwards and we're back to the beginning again.  Clever isn't it?  All the papers are from the Cute Companions Christmas CD and the little 'people' are from the Winter Tales' stamps from Jayne Nesterenko.

Here we go again ...!

You'll be sorry I managed to get my camera attached at this rate!! 

This is my interpretation of the 'never-ending' card.  It is very easy to make but the decorating took forever!  But I'm pleased with the outcome.  Not sure I'll do any more though as I'm not sure people will realise what they have to do when they receive it!

First page - open from the middle sideways.

Next page - open from the middle downwards.

This is ridiculous.  I'll start another blog.  Not sure it should take so long to upload.

Connected again, at last !!!

Well its only taken about 10 days to get sorted.  When my son arrived on Sunday and I showed him what I needed he said, oh I didn't realise you meant that lead, I've got five spare ones at home (he lives in Brighton!).  So I had to give him a stamped addressed envelope and he gave it to his dad to post (he goes past the end of my road nearly) and I finally received the lead today!!  Any way I've downloaded my pictures from 'that' concert so I can upload some for your delectation!

As you can see we were quite high up but the big screen gave us a good view.  The pictures are all pretty much the same with just different coloured lighting, but he was singing different songs too!!!

Here's another picture and then enough but I think you get the idea.

I'll be back in a minute to show some of my cards I've made but my system slows right down when I upload more than a couple of pictures.

Bye for now xx

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Scrapping tonight!

Hiya all
Going to Anita's scrapping class tonight!  Yippee - whole two hours of peace:o))  What an awful night though - piddling down, although we do need the rain, but not when I'm going out! 

My son has now been in touch and reckons I can use the scanner lead - haven't got one!!  Oh well he says you can try the printer lead instead - that should work!  I haven't even tried that yet - it means grovelling around on the floor following the leads all over the place and then getting a mirror so I can see behind the computer flat screen!  For goodness sake - he can flippin do it on Sunday!

Here's a double lay-out I did of Emma when she was a lot younger, 'shopping' in Brighton.  Some of you will have seen them already but I've not taken many pictures of my scrapping pages.  Must do that when I get my camera connected - grrrr!!!

I know the papers were called Chloe because that's the name of one of my other grand-daughters, but for the life of me I can't remember who made them.  The letters I used were the Basic Grey alphabets and some Bazzil plain card.  Bearing in mind I made this when Emma was only one and now she's three, I think I've done very well remembering anything about this page!!

Well I'm off to pack my bag for tonight.  Byee xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bit lost!!

Hi guys
Bit lost at the moment - Think I've found out why I can't get pictures to transfer to computer - some b ***r (one of my kids, it must have been) has walked off with the lead that connects camera to computer!  For goodness sake - it can't have been me!  Of course I don't know what sort of lead I need, and No 2 DS won't answer my texts and didn't turn up for Sunday lunch so I can't show you the pictures I've taken of the concert nor the new cards I have made.  I'm fuming!  Oh well I'm sure I'll sort it eventually.  Anyway I shall have to load up some more of my older cards etc  for your delectation!

How about this for a sad picture though?

How sad does she look?  This is my grand daughter in Australia - she and a friend were climbing on a bookcase, despite being told not to, and they pulled it over onto themseves.  This was the result.  Poor Emma had to go to hospital but luckily she only had bruising.  She's only just 3 and hopefully she's learned her lesson - probably not!!  Bless her though - doesn't she look sorry for herself?

These were two stamps I bought from Lavinia Stamps (http://www.laviniastamps.co.uk/)  I love their stamps as I'm a bit of a fairy nut!  Their website is rather stunning too - the examples they show you are brilliant.  I used paper in my craft box and finished off with different colours of pearly doodles.  Must use this stamp more often.

One more then I'm off for tea.

I think this stamp is so versatile.  This is from Elusive Images and can be made into the four seasons tree.  Obviously in this picture I've made it a winter tree and put Stickles on the branches for frost or snow.  The stamp comes with leaves and flowers too so you can change it as you wish.

Fed up now.  The computer is playing silly devils and keeps freezing.  Can't be bothered to wait five minutes between every flippin' word typed!  I'm off.  I'll be back though xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

My first concert!!

Well I went! My daughter and I set off from Eastbourne at 10am off to London. We went to Covent Garden and wandered around looking at the various shops and performers - talk about working hard for the money! Fancy standing there and having to drum up custom and then keep them entertained for about 20 mins. My goodness did they work hard. We had a lovely lunch and then after wandering about a bit more, we decided to get the tube and move nearer to O2. That's where things went wrong - we were talking too much and missed the way to Covent Garden tube and then turned the wrong way down the Strand and ended up walking over Westminster (or was it Waterloo) Bridge! My poor feet. We finally got to a tube station but I was flippin' shattered by then!!
Anyway we got to O2 and got there just as the show was starting. We were in seat number 546!! Right up in the gods but a brilliant view. The steps up to the seats though were almost sheer! Bit frightening I have to say.
The O2 was completely packed, and had been for the previous two nights as well. Absolutely stunning seeing that number of people. Then the curtains went back - I have to say Cliff was pretty darned good - he sang quite a few of the old songs, not many new ones, but we could all sing along with them. He went off a couple of times to change his outfit and probably have a rest, but the Shadows stayed on all the time. They were absolutely brilliant - played all their well known tunes and the sound - wow! Just the same as on the record. They were really good.
We had ordered a shuttle bus to get us to Victoria station in time to catch the last train to Eastbourne, and we just made it with minutes to spare. We finally got in at 2am! I slept very well that night but in the morning I was so stiff! So I didn't go into work and had a lazy day at home. Slept really well that night too.
But it was a memorable day and I am very grateful to my daughter for buying the tickets and also taking me to my first concert ever at the age of 60!!
Wonderful xx