Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hello from Down Under!

Well good day!  Just popped in to say Hi!  I understand the weather is not so good over there.  Oh what a shame.  I am afraid to tell you it's so hot here - 30 yesterday!  Actually its a bit too hot if I was really honest.  Having a great time though - everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Children really getting on well, which is very lucky.
Really just popped in to say I've been to scrapping shop - was a bit disappointed this time - no free magazines.  Quite a lot of Kaiser papers though - but too many to take pictures of.  If you look on the Kaiser web site and choose the names of papers etc I should be able to get them for you though.  They're $1.70 a sheet which I suppose is about one pound sterling.  Anyway let me know if you'd like me to look for anything special.
Off to Sydney tomorrow for a few days - staying at Manley Beach which is just round the corner from Bondai Beach.  I don't think the weather will be so sunny, rain forecast but humidity of about 70!! 
Not so sure how to send through pictures at the moment as this is my son's computer but I shall give it a go when we're not rushing off anywhere.  Going to Melbourne Zoo in about half an hour.  I will load up some pictures sometime, if not from Oz definitely when I get home.
Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe.  Speak soon Byee xxx