Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Well look who it is ....

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging recently.  Can you imagine my horror to find I haven't blogged since May !!  Where on earth has the time gone and I have done lots of things.  I don't know where to start!  Actually I do - I am going to start as at now and maybe work backwards later, as the feeling grabs me!

My big news is that I am a grandmother, again!!  My daughter, Kate and her husband Danny have had a little boy called Archie.  Kate already has two girls, Chloe and Emily, and Archie is Danny's first child, so we are all tickled pink with a boy.  That makes me grandma to five!!  Two boys and three girls.  How lucky am I?

Bit blurry but never mind.  These pictures were taken yesterday, his first day home.

With big sister Chloe - not sure he quite knows what he's looking at !!!

 And here's little big sister, Emily who doesn't look quite sure yet!!

And here's mummy, looking a little weary!

It all happened quite quickly, eventually.  Archie was 11 days late and Kate was due to go in to hospital to be induced late Sunday evening.  Her pains started lunchtime Sunday and she and Danny got to the hospital by 2.30pm whilst the girls and I ate the Sunday lunch!!  By 4.50 pm Archie was born!!  Pretty quick hey?  I had taken the girls back to my house in Langney, only to turn straight back to go and see everyone in hospital at Conquest!!  We were all very excited but weary. 

Right, that's my first blog done.  I'll be back later! x