Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday, 25 September, 2009

Here I am at work. No.2 son has 'borrowed' the car to get some furniture from Ikea so I'm stuck here til he collects me! He's promised he'll be back before 5pm but we'll see!! Everytime my kids do this to me I vow it'll be the last time, but you can't say no really can you?
For my 60th birthday in January my daughter bought me tickets to see Cliff Richard at the O2 on Monday! I've never been to a live concert in my life so now's as good as any, isn't it? I'm just a bit concerned as to how good it'll be - for goodness sake he's nearly 70!! I can't believe my first concert is to see a 70-year old singer!! Anyway he's always been an idol of mine, so we'll see. I'll let you know what it was like. I might even get some pictures and I'll bore everyone with them!
I'll be back later xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm back!

Well no 1 son has gone back to Australia now!  Bit sad to see him go but I'll see him again in February so not too far away.  We had a lovely time - very hectic 5 days - but he saw everyone he wanted to, so that was good.  Consequently not done much card making but have been having a bit of a play with my new Cute Companions stamps.  Not quite got the hang of them, so nothing to show just yet.
However, I've got pictures of other cards I've done so I'll get some of them together.

This a card I did for my ex-husband's 60th birthday (don't ask!).  I put in the shrink plastic pair of slippers as a sarcastic gesture which I'm sure was lost on him, but I liked it, especially as he's older than me!  Again it is good old Cute Companions number stamps which I do like and some of the Christmas stamps too.

This is one of those hidden cards where you pull each side and get three cards in total and use a plastic bag for the mechanism.  I saw it demonstrated a while ago on Create and Craft.  This is how it looks when you get it:

and then this is what you get when you open it.  Cute isn't it? 

I've used Little Claire duck stamps and coloured with sakura glaze pens and used yellow flock for texture.  I was quite pleased with it. 

I'm off now to have a mozey around.

Back later x

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm back from Debden

Had a wonderful time - it just went too quickly. Was quite productive - made the two ordered cards that had been requested and made a further 5 little cards. Here's a couple of them:

This one was using the Edwardian Lady CD and used a really pretty punch I borrowed from Tara at Debden (thank you Tara).  I fell in love with this punch.  Must try and buy it.  Was pleased with the card - it looks so delicate.
This one is very similar to the above one but is using the Jayne Netley CD which I got from Joanna Sheen.  This is another classic CD with wonderful flowers and animals on which can be used over and over again.  Also that punch again!
I'll just find one more picture so there are some different ones:
Again this is using the Edwardian Lady CD, both the pictures and backing paper.  Really lovely.
Right I'm off to do more crafting.  Supposed to be cleaning the house cos my son's coming over from Australia to stay for a few days on Friday.  I've got as far as vacuuming downstairs and my bedroom.  The room he'll be staying in at the moment is an absolute tip as its where my grand-daughters play and you can't get in it!  I keep looking at it, but just don't know where to start.  I'd much rather do my crafting!!
Byee! x

Hurray - I'm off to Debden 8 September, 2009

Hi all
I'm going to Debden this weekend - hurray - just imagine two full days of nothing but crafting, eating and resting! Way to go! Got myself sorted and have put together lots of cards I'd LIKE to do, whether I actually do them is another matter. So when I get back hopefully I'll have more to show you.
See you later bye xxx

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Well, I've done it again!!!!

Yep, I've done it again! Cute Companions presented the new Winter stamps and CDs and guess what, yes, I couldn't resist. I've ordered them all! I just daren't add up how much I've spent on all the stamps and CDs I've got now. Its horrendous, but I still say, I've got to get them all whilst I'm still working and before I retire! Can't wait now for them to arrive.
Byee Liz x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bloomin' lovely

Hi there
Isn't this weather lovely?  Its such a shame to have to go to work when the weather is so beautiful :o(.
Work today was quite hectic, but at least the day went quickly and now I'm home!  I'm getting geared up to watch C&C/Ideal World tonight at 9pm as Jayne Nesterenko and Cute Companions are presenting a new set of stamps and CDs.  I've seen pictures of them, and not so sure I want them all, so will see them tonight and then decide!! 
Here's another couple of cards I've made recently.

This a card I made for my new grandson last year.  Can you believe he's nearly one already.  This template I 'borrowed' from my friend Linda, who does such beautiful cards.  She was doing this at a crop I went to and she very kindly let me borrow the templates and then even sent me some of the paper, as I couldn't find it anywhere.  Thank you Linda.  You can see her cards here:
Well blow me down!  What a surprise!  Guess what I've used to make this card?  Yes, you're right - Cute Companions Summer CD and stamps.  This is such a lovely child's card in the playroom.  I cut out the windows and put some acetate behind so you could see through the window.
Hope you like them.  Byee xxx

Sunday, 6 September 2009

And there's more!

Right where was I when I was so rudely interrupted?  Oh yes, some more cards.  I made this card for one of my colleagues at work whose mum was going to be 70 and didn't want to be!  I didn't really know what to do, but she seemed pleased with it.  Her mum's birthday is next week so it'll be interesting to see whether she likes it.

It's quite cute actually.  I'm pleased with it.
I made the next card using Jayne Nesterenko's project as a template.  I'm really like it and so did a friend of mine too cos she's bought it!!
This is the front - just a plain wardrobe and doors open up reveal to this:
Quite cute eh?
Off for chicken korma and rice which I can smell bubbling away!  I'm starving.  See you all later.  xxx

Sunday, 6 September, 2009

Hi everyone
Hope you're all doing OK.  I do like weekends, I can do just what I want, lucky me!  I've spoken to my son in Australia and saw the grandchildren in the bath via Skype.  It is so lovely being able to keep in touch with them.  My son is coming over for a few days the week after next - just by himself, but it'll be lovely to see him and my other children and grandchildren can meet up with him too.
Had a good time both on Friday night with my friends and then yesterday cropping.  I didn't make as many cards as I wanted but I sold some instead, which I didn't expect, and have some orders so I've really got to pull my socks up and get crafting.

This is the first card I sold.  Its from the Crafter's Companion Popcorn the Bear Men's CD and I used the decoupage sheet and backing paper too.  I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with the CD but did a couple of samples, because I didn't want to waste my money.  My friend who bought it has just emailed to say her partner has taken the card for his daughter and so would I make her some more!!  So I've changed my mind about the CD now.

I have also made some Christmas cards and I've got an order for a couple of those.  One is for the card I showed the other day with the little people throwing snowballs etc.  The other one is this one, again made from the Cute Companions Christmas stamps and CD
I do love these stamps and little  people, as you can probably guess!
computer is playing up and keeps freezing so I'm going to submit this and close down and try again.
Byee xx

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Going cropping today at Jill's.  We have a really good time and its a full day scrapping with no interruptions!  Bliss.
Just thought I'd load up another card - now which one shall I choose - choices, choices!
Again this is using the Cute Companions stamps and CD.  Do you get the feeling I'm rather partial to these stamps?  I must admit they're so easy to use.  This idea came from Jayne Nesterenko's project DVD which is very good.
Right I'm off cropping but I'll be back:o)) xx 

Friday, 4 September 2009

Very naughty and I don't care !!!

I've been very naughtly - last week C & C were doing a special price on the CriCut machine with three fonts and I ordered it.  It arrived last night (very quick) and I've been unpacking it, stroking it and reading up on it.  I'm too petrified though to try using it yet!  How sad am I?  I thought I'd better buy it whilst I've got the money cos once I retire, if ever, I'll have to rein in my horns.  That's my excuse anyway!

I also bought some stamps from Lili of the Valley - they arrived yesterday too.  When I ordered them there were some lovely examples of how they would look when used, but I can't flippin' find them now!  Well I'll just have to use my own imagination for a change!  I've got friends coming round tonight so won't have any time tonight but I'm cropping tomorrow at JillyBeans so I'll take my stamps with me and have a go.  Not my Cricut though - I'm still too frightened to even move it yet!

Forgot to say in all that wind the night before last, the lampost right outside my house snapped completely in half.  The noise was quite frightening - when I looked out yesterday morning the top 3/4 was lying on the ground, all smashed up.  By the time I went to work the light people were out making it safe and clearing away and last night there's just a stump in the pavement.  Looks very sad and very dark at the moment.  At least no one was hurt or anything damaged (except the lamp post!!).

I'll post some more cards over the weekend hopefully.  Byeee x

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Been a bit lazy these last couple of days and haven't done any more cards but thought I'd show a Christmas card I did last year.  Again I've used the Cute Companions Christmas stamps and CD and this is an adaptation of one of the projects.  Although they do take a while to do I enjoy doing them so will do a few more later.
I've also done another very similar one with different characters but its still on my camera.  Ill upload that one later!
Going now as suddenly very tired.  Til the next time. x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Farewell card

My daughter and grand daughters have just left.  They popped in to see me straight from the airport.  They really looked well but very tired.  They said they'd had a lovely time but were ready to come home, two weeks is just too long.  They were absolutely freezing - saying they were used to it being in the mid 30s all the time.  No wonder they were so cold!!  I'm glad they're back - I can settle now, don't like the flock spread around!  Kate's got some smashing photos so when she lets me have them I'll have a go at scrapping them.
Thought you might like to see a card I made for one of my team who left last week.  She is only only a youngster, off to university, so what to make?  I knew she liked fairies and anything glittery so I gave it a go.  I think she was quite pleased with it.  I certainly was.  I used the Cute Companions Flower Fairies stamps (rose) stamped onto acetate and lots and lots of Pee Wee glitters and then used the Cute Companions Flower Fairies CD for the lettering.
I've made a couple of Christmas cards so I'll upload those later.
Take it easy
Bye xx

Tuesday, 1 September, 2009

Well its the end of the holiday and back to work!  All good things have to end, I suppose!  I'll upload some more pictures when I get home tonight, but I think I'll just waffle a bit here whilst I'm at work - lunch break!
Had a text from my daughter this morning - she and my grandchildren have been to Crete for two weeks with their Dad.  They're due back today but her text said they had boarded the plane and then told to get off and wait.  As far as I'm aware they're still waiting as I haven't heard anything since!  I hope they get back soon!
Had a quiet long weekend, it was lovely.  I just did my own thing - mainly crafting - and it was a nice change.  My son from Oz skyped me Sunday morning so I could see my other two grandchildren - it was Sunday evening there and the children were having their bath and getting ready for bed.  Skype is so wonderful - I was actually able to see them in the bath and sing songs with them and they could see me too.  Brilliant. 
Then my other son skyped me, on his mobile!!  No pictures there but just checking I was OK - I'm very lucky my kids are very supportive.
Right enough - I'm going to have my sandwiches and do a bit of surfing. 
I'll be back.