Monday, 31 August 2009

Monday, 31 August 2009

Been trying to work out how to put links of other blogs I've found useful on my blog but can't work out how to do it.  I'll have another go tomorrow cos I'm getting cross now!  This weekend has gone so quickly - got to go back to work tomorrow - I don't believe it!  I must make another card today. 
This is a Christmas card I made the other week.  I have discovered these lovely stamps from Whiff of Joy and they are gorgeous.  The web site is  The blog is brilliant too http://www.katharina1704.blogspot/  with some wonderful cards and samples. 

I copied the design straight from the web site because I thought it was so gorgeous.  Now I shall try other ideas.
Last year I went to Australia to visit my son and discovered a wonderful craftshop which sold Kaiser products.  I brought back several free magazines and everyone at the crafting crop I go to back home went absolutely mad with the papers and joined up on the website.  Thanks to logging onto Lynn's blog I found the link to the Kaiser blog:
.  It said to copy and paste this link onto your blog, so I have but I don't think this is right!!  Hey ho - what am I like but I can't do it!  The blog address is: - that seems so much easier!  Anyway apologies if I've inadvertently done something wrong!
See you later
Liz xxx

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday, 30 August, 2009

Good afternoon all. 
This time I thought I'd show you the word card I did for my granddaughter in Australia who was 3 last week.  I spoke to her this morning and she seemed to have liked it so it was worth the work.  I do love fiddling!

I used the Funky Word Books CD ( and then the Cute Companions Summer Stories rubber stamps ( to decorate the letters.
Inside I've made little stories around each letter.  Here is the 1st 'M': 

This is the other 'M':
This is the last page.
Se you later byee!!! 
Liz x

Saturday, 29 August 2009

29 August, 2009

Right here we go again.  This is a Christmas card I made yesterday using my new Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady CD from Joanna Sheen.  It really is lovely and I shall be boring you all with more cards very soon!  The backing paper was from the CD too.
This is another card made from the same CD, using up the rest of the papers etc left over - waste not want not. I adapted this card from one I'd seen on C & C. It is two cards in one, 7 x 7 and a 5 x 5 inside. I thought it was very effective and think it has come out rather well. You open up the smaller card and see the larger card with the greeting on and the smaller card gives you a place to put your message on. Clever hey?

Right that's it for now.  Off to make some tea cos I'm starving.  Egg, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms I think!
Byee  xx

Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday, 28 August, 2009

Well, as you can see I didn't manage to add any pictures when I got home.  To be honest I forgot!!  Hey ho!  Yet another senior moment! 
I'm out tonight - the temp I've had for the last six months at work is leaving today.  We've had Bucks Fizz (non alcoholic) this morning, pressies, chocolate cake, nibbles during the day and then tonight we're all going out to Pizza Express (discount for NHS staff!) for our final goodbye.  She is going to University in September but she promises she'll keep in touch.
I can't believe its Bank Holiday weekend this weekend.  How time has flown.  We'll be in September when we come back to work and the children will be going back to school.  So farewell to nice clear roads on the way to work in the morning :o(  Listen to me, I sound like a right miserable old bag - no comments please!
Anyway I'm doing nothing this weekend, I hope, so I can concentrate on my cards - wonderful, can't think of anything better.
Must go now, but with a bit of luck there should be lots of pictures put on here over the weekend.
Byee Liz xxx

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday, 27 August, 2009

At work at moment, but when I get home I'm going to pop a few more cards on here. Quite like this blogging! Boring at work at moment, can't be bothered to do any work so just surfing the net and getting my diary notes up to date.
Got a shock the other day when I thought my diary, phone and purse etc had been stolen! Luckily they hadn't but it made me realise just how lost I would have been if they had. When I showed my son what information I kept in my diary (passwords, bank accounts, numbers etc) he made me realise just what a criminal could have done with the information. Consequently I have now copied the pages and taken them out of my diary. I shall keep them in a much safer place. I am also going to put names and addresses and craft websites onto databases held in my computer so again, I can always access them. If nothing else, this 'memory loss' of mine has certainly made me reorganise my paperwork!
I'll be back !!
Liz x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tuesday, 25 August, 2009

Done it! Got the hang of this now. This is a card I've made recently. In fact quite a few of my friends loved it I got several orders. I was rather pleased about that, however it did take quite a while to complete, but I like fiddling! Hope you enjoy it too. Oh by the way I used Jayne Nesterenko's cute companion stamps and CD. I'm a great fan of hers.

Yippee I've done it! Not exactly the picture I wanted, but I know how to do it now. There'll be no stopping me :o)

Now I'm going to try and upload a picture - this could take a while .... bear with me.

Right, here we go again! Its only taken me half an hour to work out how to access my flippin' blog!! Oh well its a learning curve, isn't it?