Monday, 12 August 2013

Sorry this was posted before it was finished.  I've now completed it with pictures!

Once again it has been a long time since I blogged, but I have quite busy.
My younger son, Nick, was married at the beginning of July to his lovely bride, Emma. 

Nick and Emma knew exactly what sort of wedding they wanted.  A very natural but classy one!  Luckily I didn't have to make any of the invitations or stationery!  I have to admit that is just not my scene.
The two of them wanted little bags to put on the tables as favours and were planning on using natural home-made soaps.  They had sourced the soaps which were beautfiul and smelt absolutely gorgeous.  However they wanted something to put them in.  This is where I came in.  We decided to make some small hessian bags to put the soaps in, tied up with raffia.  I made a few samples which they liked so I agreed to make them.  All 100 of them!! 


They do look lovely, I must admit.  Worth all the hard work.

I also made a box for everyone to put their cards in on the day:

I didn't exactly make the basket (!) that came from ESK but I lined it and put the hearts and ribbons on it.  I thought it looked quite rustic and in keeping with the theme of the wedding.

Nick and Emma wanted a guest book too so I found a 'bog' standard spiral bound notebook from The Works.  I added ribbons to hide the spirals and then covered the front and back with hessian with felt hearts and sticky pearls.  I was rather pleased with the effect.  So I think were Nick and Emma.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

two more cards for Australia

I was talking to my son and grandchildren in Australia by Skype the other weekend.  My older grandson showed me a boat he had made by himself from a cardboard roll and paper.  He was very pleased with himself! 
I thought he needed a pirate to go in it so I said I'd make him a card with a pirate on it.  Here it is:

The stamp is from Lili of the Valley and I coloured it in using watercolours.  The paper I got as a bargain pack a long time ago and the buttons and lighthouse were from my stash.  I thought it came out rather well.  I sent a photo to my son for him to print out for my grandson and he said he was delighted with it.
Obviously I had to ask my grand daughter what picture she would like me to do for her.  After a bit of thought she decided on a fairy.  I was originally going to do a Flower Fairy but then thought they're a bit old for a 6 year old.  I thought this picture from Crafters Companion Angelica CD was absolutely perfect with her little teddy.  I printed off a 'quick' card from the CD.  Everything was printed on one sheet of paper, even the bow and embellishments.  They look quite real don't they?  I did add some Stickles to the dress, wings and teddy's nose and the embellishments and I did add a couple of buttons and a charm from my stash.
Thank you for looking. x

Monday, 1 April 2013

For my Australian grandchildren

I made this card because I loved the picture.  Although it is not really an Easter card I sent it to my grandchildren in Australia to arrive in time for Easter together with a couple of little bags I had made for them.  I forgot to take a picture of the bags (!) what a silly billy! but here's the card anyway.
I used Joanna Sheen's HollyPond CD and just printed off the picture and the text was a Holly Pond stamp.

 I glittered the stars and the flowers with Stickles and the little pegs were from my stash.
 I love the little bunny slippers at the side of the bed! I added a couple of bits of ribbon.  I hope they like it. x

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!.  I hope you all have a lovely time. 
Although the weather is so very cold, at least it should be dry.  Must look on the bright side!!  It's surprising that although it is so cold, the trees are beginning to bud and the daffodils are putting a brave face on it!
I thought I'd show you a couple of Easter cards I made. 
I cut the circle out of the card using nestabilities dies and I used the Clarity daffodil stamp.  The paper and bow are from the Crafters Companion Peter Rabbit CD and the script I printed from the internet.  I just popped on a couple of cross peel offs. 
This card I printed from my downloads on my computer but stupidly I can't say where I got it from.  I just love the picture of the sleepy rabbit.  I coloured the picture in using my Promarkers; the papers were from the same Crafter's Companion CD and again I used some gold peel offs.  I added a bit of ribbon from my stash.
Thank you for looking.  xx

Friday, 29 March 2013

More shoes!

Well I promised I'd be back with some more shoe cards.  I really do love this CD - it makes such lovely cards without any fuss.

Here are a couple more:

This time I made a 8 x8 card.  I used one patterned paper under the picture and on the main part of the card and then made a panel using another paper.  I also embossed a panel using D'arice embossing panel and some Craftwork Cards card candy.

This card is more like 7 x9.  It was one I made myself - I shan't be doing that again cos I couldn't find an envelope to match so had to make one.  It was a bit of a pain.  Anyway I used the same embossing panel and the Happy Birthday stamp is a Stampalot one I bought in Australia.
I hope you like them and thank you for looking.  xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fabulous Shoes!!

Who doesn't like shoes?  Unfortunately at my age and with feet like mine I can't wear the shoes I'd like to. 
However, I have bought the Katy Sue CD called 'Fabulous Shoes'!  Oh wow, it is so brilliant.  I have been making cards with it and as soon as I show them to my friends they keep buying them!  I'm not knocking it but I want to send some to my friends too!  Here are the first few I made:

The front page of the card is folded back on itselfI and I have used the same patterned paper on the front and different paper on the inside.  I used a circle die to cut out the shoe first.

The CD also has some lovely papers to go with the shoes - three different patterned ones and three plain ones.  I've used two patterned ones here.
Again this is the same style of card but using a different shoe.  Aren't the designs lovely?

You can see the different papers here.  The CD doesn't come with actual inserts but I just added a plain piece of white card and punched a small circle out of the shoe paper to make an embellishment.
That's all for now but I can tell you I'll be posting more.  Different ones obviously but I do get a bit more adventureous too with the designs.  I'm quite pleased with them.
Thank you for looking.  I hope you like them too.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Emily and Travelling Ted

Last year my friend Linda from Scrapology and Linda's Cards and Pages blogs lent me her Travelling Ted to take pictures of him in different locations.  Much to my embarrassment I forgot and it wasn't until she gently reminded me the other week that I had to admit I hadn't taken him anywhere!
So when my younger grand-daughter, Emily came to stay one night I asked if she would have Travelling Ted in bed with her and we could take some pictures of him.  Emily was absolutely thrilled to do this, as you can see from the pictures.

So I didn't let Linda down completely.  Sorry Linda. x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

They do say size doesn't matter ...

I ordered some bananas from Asda Home delivery the other day.  This is what arrived:

I don't think I have ever seen such large ones!!  (ooh-er!)  They were so big I couldn't eat a whole one!  I had to have half at a time.

I suppose it was real value for money as instead of four bananas I ended up with the equivalent of eight!  However I am feeling a bit sick of bananas now!!  x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Another Holly Pond card

I have to say at the moment the Holly Pond CD and stamps from Joanna Sheen are tickling my fancy rather a lot.  I bought Catching Butterflies stamps to go with the CD from Holly Pond because I fell in love with some of the characters.   Aren't they cute?

I haven't got a reason to make the card, I just wanted to have a go.  I am really pleased with the result.
I used a Hunky Dory Adorable Scorable piece of card stock from one of the Christmas selections I found in my stash and thought it went rather well.  I coloured the stamps in using Promarkers and cut them out with one of my Spellbinder dies.  The stamps were so easy to use and colour.
Then I used an insert from the CD which, although it wasn't the same character as the stamps, I thought went rather well with them. x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Very easy card

As I may have said I  have bought the Crafters' Companion Angelica stamps and CD.  I decided to make one of their 'Card Companions' which are one of the newish ideas on the Crafters' Companion CDs.  You choose the design you want, and there are quite a few, and then just print.  The whole thing is on one sheet, the card base, topper and embellishments.  I did like this design and thought I'd give it a go. 

I printed it off onto Crafters' Companion Centura Pearl, cut out the card and embellishments, a plain card from Craftwork Cards, a bit of glue, and 'Bob's your uncle'.  I thought it was quite effective and a very quick card if you're feeling lazy or are in a real hurry.
I used the CD for the insert and typed what I wanted in the font I wanted using the verse writer.  All very quick. x

Monday, 4 March 2013

life round the village pond

The other day I went to Beautilicious in Westham, East Sussex to have a manicure and pedicure.  Luxury!  Westham is a beautiful old village with the customary village pond.  I parked near the pond and on the way back couldn't resist wandering over to see what was going on.  It was still bitterly cold but the ducks and swans were out and about.

The swan was not particularly friendly and came over to see what I was doing - warning me off with an aggressive show,

but calmed down when he saw I was only taking pictures - and staying on the right side of the footpath!
The ducks came over to see if I had anything to eat
but on seeing I had nothing, turned their backs on me and went away!  So boring!
I shall come back again and see what the pond looks like when Spring eventually does spring!  x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Just because I can

I couldn't resist buying Joanna Sheen's Holly Pond Hill CD and decided to make a card, just because I can!
I shall probably send it to my grandchildren in Oz as a 'Hello' to them.
The CD is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are so cute.  I have made a couple of cards and I'll show them to you later.
Here's the first card I made which I haven't sent off yet.

The animal pegs I just felt were cute - I can't remember where I got them from, I'm afraid.

I glittered the stars outside and the flower in the plant pot.

I added a couple of strands of ribbon and Bob's your uncle.

Please excuse the smudge at the bottom of the photos - its my camera, not on the card.
Don't you think the bunny slippers are so cute?  x

Friday, 1 March 2013

Has Spring Sprung?

I always think that when I see the first snowdrops in my garden that Spring must be on its way, even though it still seems a long way away!
I've been watching these growing in my garden over the last three weeks and think they're beautiful, aren't they?  Spring can't be too far away, can it?
I've been making myself go out for a walk as often as possible.  Last week I decided to go to Hampden Park, a lovely little park not far from me.  It was very chilly but the sun was shining, so off I went.  Lo and behold, I wasn't on my own.  Look at this little chap who kept following me:

Coming to have a look at what is going on.

Mmmn this tree looks interesting.

It's no good, I need to have a closer look.

Oh its not that interesting, after all!

I'm off to find something to eat!   x

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Keeping my fabric stash tidy

My clever friend Sue has told me how she keeps her fabric stash tidy.  She has bought CD / DVD holders and put her stash in them.  It seemed such a good idea I thought I'd have a look.  I looked in Argos and they've got some nice holders, but I happened to be meeting up with Sue and my other friend Sandie at Ikaea in Lakeside on Wednesday.  Whilst we were walking round,  there were some CD / DVD holders.  I just couldn't resist so I bought one. 
I didn't think it would be quite that tall, but hey ho I managed to get it into my car and carry it back into the house.  I looked like a carpenter with the pieces carried on my shoulder!  I couldn't wait to put it together and it all went together very easily.
Saturday I spent some happy hours putting my stash into colours and into the holder.  It does look very smart I must say.  I'm very pleased although rather surprised at the amount of stash I've got!!

Neat, eh?  Very happy! x

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Maybe my next project?

When I was having my camera sorted out and buying a new battery at the Camera Shop in Hailsham, I went into the Demelza Children's Charity Shop nearby.  In the window was a beautiful cushion which caught my eye - it had 'Home' appliqued on it. 

I was so taken with it I went inside.  Nice, isn't it?  There I found another cushion with 'Love' on it.  I fell in love with it (sorry no pun intended) and bought it.  The lady in shop didn't know who had made them so I can't put a label on them.

Isn't it effective?  I would like to have a try at doing something similar.  The letters seem quite easy but I'm sure they're not.  The two flowers are not sewn down all the way round, just under the button, so the petals stand up a bit.  I'll let you know how I get on. x