Monday, 10 May 2010

Wow - what a surprise

 As some of you will know my eldest son is in Australia and  Mother's Day is not the same as ours.  It was yesterday.  This afternoon the doorbell went and look what I got

Aren't they beautiful?  I've got them in my workroom now and the perfume is wonderful.

I'm a bit like the Queen (not) in that I have two Mother's Days instead of two birthdays!

This is what my other son and daughter gave me for my English Mother's Day

Sorry the picture has not come out very well.  You can see my reflection but they had a photo  all my children and grandchildren whilst we were in Australia enlarged and framed for me.  I know I'm biased but I do have a lovely family.

The flowers were a lovely surprise.  I've been busy rushing around today - I had my boobs 'squeezed' last week, went for a smear this morning and then had to have a CT scan to check my sinuses are OK for the dentist in preparation for two implants I'm going to have done.  I've also had a blood test done and the doctor has given me MORE tablets to take and I'm off to see the nurse on Thursday for another check.  Talk about having an M O T!!!  Oh well hopefully once they're all done I can carry on again!
Bye x


Linda said...

How beautiful, you are very lucky! But I bet you deserve them!!

liz said...

Not really, but thank you Linda. x