Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Groovy plaster cast

This is the colour Chloe, my grand-daughter chose for her plaster cast.  What a stunning colour.  When I met up with her on Wednesday she was wearing a bright pink hair slide in her hair - it really looked good!  Chloe is pleased as she has been told she should be able to have the cast off next week.  She can't wait to have it removed - she's fed up now and doesn't get the attention she initially did!

This is both of the girls muckig about with their fancy glasses

Little monkies!!

See you ! x


Anita said...

Awww, bless her heart....that girly knows how to accesorise perfectly doesn;t she lol. Glad she is ok Liz, loving the pics of them in their glasses too..xxx

liz said...

Thanks Anita - yes really fashion conscious. x

Linda said...

Def love the colour. Glad she is recovering well x

Lynn said...

Good to hear she is on the mend, but if you have to wear a plaster cast, then why not have a pink one? Bet it's hot in this weather!

liz said...

Thanks guys. Yes she's had enough now, can't wait for it to come off. x