Monday, 6 December 2010

The beginning ...!

I know I'm getting my blogs round the wrong way but hey, ho!!  This shows the beginning of the snow - on the Sunday when it was all novel.  I had my grand-daughters with me as they'd stayed overnight.  I'd popped outside and noticed we had some snow flurries.  The girls were very excited, well Emily really, Chloe's a bit too old to show she's excited (she's 11!).  Here's Emily outside, skipping and jumping around.

Their dad collected them soon after and off they went.  That afternoon this was what I saw through the window

It was really snowing!!  How exciting!

It didn't come to anything though and Monday was showing very little extra snow.   I got into work on Tuesday and there was a bit of snow there as the hospital car park shows - but we got there OK.

However Wednesday was another kettle of fish (or snow!),  This was what I woke up to that morning!  I had a doctors' appointment so had to get the car drive-able!

I know I shouldn't have, but I did take a photo from the car on the way back from the doctors.

And this was by the roundabout on the way to work.

We left work early as the snow continued.  I was due to go to Jill's at Cardinal Colours as Anita was doing the Christmas scrapbooking class which was using a canvas for a change.  We all got there no problem, but as I arrived at 7pm it was snowing in the air. By about 8.30 we could see it was snowing again and then Jill's husband, Richard popped in to say the snow was settling.  So we all decided to finish early.  I have to say that journey was rather hairy - heavy snow, at night and no gritting!  Anyway I made it. 

This was the sight in the middle of the night:

Whilst I was looking out of the window at the snow a tractor came up the road - it was the school caretaker - there is a infant and junior school to left of this picture.  He stopped when he saw me and asked if I wanted any milk.  I said I was fine but he said as the school was closed he had all the little 1/3 cartons of milk to get rid of otherwise they'd be thrown away.  He was driving round seeing if anyone wanted any.  So I took some and stuck them in the freezer - they would always come in useful.

The next morning I got up to sort out the car - this was my car.   Of course because the school was closed my road, which is a dead end, had no traffic on it, so I had to boldly go where no one else had been!  Quite an interesting experience, I must say!  It was stopping at the end of the road that was a bit hairy - luckily there was nothing on the road.  Getting into work took rather a long time, but at least there was very little traffic.

Then after a day came the rain and the thaw and it had all gone!  Still I've got some memories!!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great shots there Liz :)

liz said...

Thanks Sarah. x

Lynn said...

Super pictures.

liz said...

Thanks Lynn x

Linda said...

Great photos there Liz - you bad girl :)

liz said...

He he, thanks Linda. I was careful, I promise. x