Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Some little mementos for my teams at work

As I said in my previous email I have retired!!!  As a parting gesture I thought I'd give both my teams at Eastbourne and Hastings just a little memento so they wouldn't forget me!!  As if they every could!!

At the crop I go to on Saturdays we have a very talented lady who loves making jewellery and little bead animals and bracelets called Chris.  She is a very clever lady.  A few months ago she showed us somethings she was making - tiny little animals made out of beads covered with seed beads - just perfect for me to give to all my ladies.

So I put my order in to Chris - 14 animals in all!  Cats holding a fish, dogs, pandas with bamboo, frogs with crowns on, chicks coming out of their shell and a little pink pig with a curly tail (I had to be very careful who I gave that one too!!).  The detail was unbelievable. 

I decided to make little boxes to show off Chris' little animals, so I made some tiny exploding boxes, using the template from Zoe Pierson at http://mrswonkas.blogspot.com/.  I must admit they did take a little while, but I was very pleased with the results.

Here are some of the lovely little animals Chris made:

The little frog with its crown.
The lovely little pig

The great cat with its fish

The cute dog

The adorable chick in its shell

and finally the little panda with its bamboo shoots!

Aren't they all gorgeous?

I'm happy to say the girls thought they were lovely too.  So thank you Chris and Zoe for your ideas!!

Bye x


KraftyKaren said...

These are super especially that little frog - the boxes are fab too x

liz said...

Thanks Karen. Yes the frog and the pig are my favourites. The boxes were really simple. x

Linda said...

Wow, they came out beautifully and a perfect presentation for the charms - well done :)