Friday, 28 August 2015

Another birthday

Second blog - doing well.

It was my younger son's birthday at the beginning of August.  He is a very keen DIY fan.  He has made such a lot of brilliant things - he's very clever, even if I say so myself!  As you all know birthday cards for men are very difficult and I thought and thought what I could do for his card.

As luck would have it I had bought the Cascading Card template from Paula Walters Designs in Doncaster, having seen it demonstrated on Create and Craft recently.  I made a small one and a larger one, as per the templates and this is the bigger of the two.  Flicking through my magazines and papers I came across Making Cards for Men magazine dated 2011 and would you believe it,   it had a whole page of DIY tools and screws!

I spent a long time cutting everything out but I do think it was worth it.  The photos are not brilliant I'm afraid but I think you can see the idea.  

I do like the template and I've seen examples using flowery paper with roses etc and they look absolutely stunning and so different so I shall be using it again.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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