Monday, 11 January 2010

How lucky am I?

Last week everything seemed to be going wrong at home.  The television downstairs just died - I couldn't turn it on at all, or if I did manage to, it would suddenly turn itself off.  Very frustrating and meant I couldn't watch Create & Craft except on the computer as I've only got Free Sat on my main TV. 
Then I found that my replacement window in my room wasn't locking - anyone could have pushed it open from the outside or a sudden gust of wind would have swung it open, and then the final straw - in all that snow, the driver windscreen wiper wouldn't work!  The passenger side worked but not mine.  Quite important that! 
So I wrote a 'pathetic' email to my two children, moaning and groaning, as you do!  Got it out of my system and took the car to Beck's who sorted out the windscreen wiper, no problem. 
Both the children rang me that night and offered to come over but I wouldn't let them - told them I was just having a moan!!  We arranged that we'd meet up in Brighton on Sunday and buy a new TV and they would come back with me and carry out the old one (which I couldn't do on my own) and fit the new one.
Brilliant - Nick rang me on Thursday just to check what size TV I wanted and whether I wanted to replace the little one I had in my room too, which I did.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I got home that evening to find both new TVs had been fitted, old ones taken away. 
I rang Nick straight away and he said he'd popped into the shop to order them and thought he might as well get them and fit them straight away!  He'd also fixed my window - how lucky am I to have such wonderful children?

This is the new TV in the lounge - its a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but it is a lovely picture. 
This is the new one in my bedroom - very posh too!

This one looks quite large, but it's only 22".  I feel quite decadent though lying in bed watching this lovely picture!

Like everyone we've had so much snow - this is our back garden

It doesn't seem to be melting in my garden, but the pathways are clearing and the children are back at school next door to me.  Unfortunately I understand we're supposed to be getting more!  Fingers crossed it misses us all and it carries on melting.
I hope everyone takes care and keeps warm. 
Bye xx


Anita said...

Awww, Liz, so sorry about the tv,wiper and window trouble....thats not good! But you know what? The reason you have lovely kids is because they have a lovely Mum who bought them up that way! So glad everything is sorted for you (((hugs)))..xx

liz said...

Bless you, thank you Anita. Iam very lucky.xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

sorry to hear about the problems, but what a fantastic surprise to come home to :)