Monday, 20 September 2010

Jill's Seaside Retreat

Well, I've just come back from one of the most fantastic weekend scrapping events ever!!!  Jill from Cardinal Colours arranged the event at a hotel in Eastbourne, the Chatsworth.  This was the view from my bedroom window early in the morning:

and here we go at night!  Some view and right by the sea.  In fact I went to sleep with the sound of the sea lapping on the beach through my window.

We were so busy doing the many classes and 'make and takes' Jill had arranged during the weekend I had no time to take more photographs. 

It was a brilliant weekend, the weather was beautiful and everything went so well.  I'm glad I'm not working today though, I'm absolutely shattered!!

Thank you again Jill. xx


KraftyKaren said...

Lovely seeing you again Liz - yes I am glad that there is no work today as feeling a little delicate.

I too loved being lulled to sleep by the sounds of the waves on the beach.

Oh well less than two weeks now to Debden, I don't think I will bother unpacking my tote!

Linda said...

Great fun Liz, loved musical chairs too :)

See you soon


Linda said...

Great to meet you Liz!! What a fabulous weekend!! I agree, it was lovely going to sleep with the sound of the sea through the window!

Lynne said...

Liz it was great to see you and you looked so well too! miss cropping with you these days :(
Now I have your blog to follow too!!
Lots of love n'hugs xxx

Anita said...

It was wonderful wasn't it Liz, so glad you came hun. Hope you have a fab time at debden too..xxxx see you at

liz said...

Thank you all guys - it was so nice to see everyone. Can't wait til debden either. xx

Anonymous said...

Early in the morning? Who are you kidding? Lovely photos Liz

liz said...

I'll have you know Jill that it was early in the morning - about 6 am - ish! That's very early for me. xxx