Monday, 24 January 2011

My kind friends


19 January was my birthday and I was very lucky.  At the monthly crop I go to at the beginning of January I was given lots of lovely cards and presents.  I am a bit supersitious so didn't feel I could blog them til after the day!  So first of all here are the beautiful cards I was sent by my crafty friends.

                                          Sarah and Lynn

                                                           Jill and Linda

                                                        Chris and Anita

                                            Wendy and Sue

I was also lucky enough to be given some pressies too - thank you so much Linda, Lynn and Anita.  You are very generous.

I had a lovely birthday - I saw my two great friends Sue and Sandie and we also came to the Grand Opening Day of Jilly's new shop - Cardinal Colours and saw lots of my crafty friends too.

I went out for a scrummy meal in the evening too.
When I got back from the meal there was a gorgeous flower bouquet from my family in Australia.

Friday I had another birthday because my son and daughter with grandchildren came over for a take-away meal. We had such fun and again I was very lucky. My son bought me a beautful bouquet of flowers and card, which he assures me he chose all by himself!!. My son and daughter also bought me an exercise machine which, I must admit I do need to use, so I was velry pleased with it. I have religiously been using it each day, trying to build up how long I use it for. Not doing too badly. Mind you I have already fallen over it! Did that this morning carrying the dirty clothes to the washing machine! So now I've got a bruised knee, elbow and all my pride!!

My grand-daughters gave me some chocolate and biscuits (the non-naughty sort, of course!) and some lovely fridge magnets for 'Grandma'.
So how lucky am I? x


Anita said...

So glad you had such a lovely birthday Liz, you deserve it Hun..xxxx

liz said...

Thank you Anita x

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, so glad you enjoyed it :) xx

Lynn said...

Really pleased you had such a good birthday. xxx

liz said...

Thanks Linda and Lynn. xx