Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year Resolution (well Intention anyway!)


Tonight I'm off to Anita (Inky Blossoms)'s scrapping class at Jill's (Cardinal Colours website) for our first class of the new year.  Looking forward to it.  I never have any photos ready but promise myself I will add the picture when I sort the photos out!  I never get round to doing that and don't always finish the page either.  The other day I was sorting out my work room (as you do!) and to my horror I have found a hugumous (well very large) pile of class pages still to be finished.  I reckon I could fill a complete scrapbook with them all.  So that is what I'm hoping to do - populate and complete each and every one of my pages that I have done with Anita.  I'm not giving myself a time limit - actually perhaps I should.  I'll say by the end of the year!  I'll try and blog how I'm getting on.

There, I've publicly challenged myself so I'll have to do it.

Bye x


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Happy New Year Liz, get cracking with the pages :) lol

liz said...

Thank you Sarah. I'm already regretting it!! :o)) x

Anita said...

I shall be cracking the whip Liz he!he!he!

liz said...

I knew I'd be sorry, thank you Anita. xx

Linda said...

Look forward to seeing them on here Liz :)
Perhaps start with 1 a month then it'll seem less daunting?