Monday, 7 February 2011

I've done some knitting!!


I haven't done any knitting since my children were babies, and my eldest is now 35 so you can see how long it is!!  I've had an 'niggle' in my mind for quite a long time to start some knitting again, but I get very easily bored so thought I'd do some smallish things.  I've already knitted a couple of hats (i've blogged about them previously) which came out well but I don't think they'll ever be used, hey ho!! So I thought I'd try to make a knitting bag.  I've never made one before, but I googled and found a reasonable pattern.  So I undid the hat I had made from a large ball of wool and gambled on there being enough wool for the whole bag. 

I was lucky - there was exactly enough wool, though nothing to spare.  So the next thing was to buy some lining.  I've done no sewing again since the children were tiny so another novelty.  I found exactly the right colour and guessed the amount I'd need!

So, using my new toy (my Christmas present to myself !) my new Brother sewing machine I attempted to attach the lining.  I did have fun - I practised on bits of material - it took me a long time to even work out how to do straight sewing (actually I'm still not sure I've cracked it but I'll keep on trying).  There are over 60 different stitches the machine can do!  Still I'm determined to give it a go.

The knitting pattern suggested using very large needles to leave the final stitches on but I couldn't find any.  Instead I found some large wooden handled spoons so I've used those instead.  I have to say its quite an unusual decoration but I like it.

Yesterday I went to Jill's monthly crop (Cardinal Colours).  One of the ladies there, Julie, brought her knitting with her.  She brought with her two projects she was working on.  One was Jane Greenoff's dolls - a little sailor doll and the other was Grommet from Wallace & Grommet.  They were beautiful and I learned from Julie that she puts each project in a seperate working bag, so I think I shall be making a couple more bags!!

At the moment I'm making a little pixie which I found on one of the knitting sites - I can't remember which one but when I've finished it, I'll pop it on here with the name etc.  I'm on the look out for any small little projects to keep me occupied, if anyone can think of any, please let me know.

Bye xx 


Anita said...

oh WOW! I don't think I have ever seen handles like that before Liz, very novel :) So impressed with your knitting skills too, you have been so busy lately haven't

liz said...

He he! Anita, no you probably haven't! No skills, just plain knitting with a wing and a prayer!! x

Lynn said...

Brilliant idea for handles Liz. Have you tried the cake patterns yet? they are small and quick to make.
I have lots of patterns if you want to go through them some time.

liz said...

Thank you Lynn. No not yet. I've been doing a tiny pixie (!) why, I can't think!! I'd love to see your patterns thank you. x