Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Birthday Jill and Anita!

Happy birthday Jill.  It was Jill's birthday on St Patrick's day but as I didn't see her I gave her her card at Debden this weekend. 

Here is the card I made for Jill.

I used the Jayne Netley Mayhew CD for the picture and the matting, Papermania Lemon Sorbet backing paper, flowers and ribbons and Craftwork Cards sentiment.

Here's Jill opening her presents and talking on the phone, like Lady Muck!!!

Because it was also Anita's birthday on Monday we decided to celebrate Jill's birthday on the Friday we were at Debden and Anita's a bit early on the Saturday. Any excuse for celebrations!

Happy Birthday Anita.  I hope you're having a lovely day today with your family.  This is the card I made for Anita's birthday.

I also used Jayne Netley Mayhew CD and backing paper with some of my own cardstock and the card candy and sentiment were from Craftwork Cards.

We had a lovely weekend at Debden, with lots of food, laughter and plenty of creativity.  Brilliant time.


Linda said...

Beautiful cards Liz - really love them :)

liz said...

Thank you Linda. Thank you also for that link - I didn't know what it was for and only realised it today when, for some reason it was at the end of my blog. Hence why I've moved it. Thank you again. x

Anita said...

They really are beautiful cards Liz, thank you so much ( and for my gorgeous gifts from you and kind of you both :).
p.s. my card is the fruity one and Jills is the floral lol....both absolutely gorgeous though my
p.p.s. love the photo of Jill.....classy ;)

Anita said...

laughing out loud here....just had to type in the word verification to comment on here and it was 'moldi'.....I know how it feels lol,lol..xxxx

liz said...

Oh my word Anita!! You're so right - can you believe it I've got my cards round the wrong way! What an eejit!! xx

KraftyKaren said...

Gorgeous cards Liz - whoever you made them for!! Looks like you had a fab time away.

Karen x

liz said...

Thank you Karen, we did have a brilliant time - it must have been 'jet lag'!!! xx

Karen said...

Super cards Liz and that photo of Jill is priceless.

Karen (the other one) x x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful cards Liz :) Great photo of Jill :)

liz said...

Thank you Karen and Sarah. I agree, Jill didn't know I'd taken it either!! x