Sunday, 27 March 2011

Look what I've done !!

Last weekend I went to a brilliant place in Debden for a crafting weekend.  We had so much fun, good food, lots of laughter and time to do several scrapbooking pages.  I've been carrying on working may way through all the many half finished projects I started at my friend's Anita (Inky Blossom's blog) scrapping workshops held at my other friend Jill's (Cardinal Colours) shop.  So here are a few more:

This is a recent page that Anita showed us.  The flowers are pieces of gauze, cut in circles and then singed round a night light, very carefully!    We then stuck seed beeds in the centre.  Anita gave us a doilly and we used Cosmic Shimmer Mist (obtained from Jilly's Cardinal Colours shop) and sprayed through the doilly.  That made the negative and then we used the actual doily as an overlay.  We also used some of Anita's flourish stamps and she cut the title.  Isn't it effective?

Now this layout is an older one of Anita's and unfortunately I didn't keep a record of the name of the papers.  This time Anita got us to weave papers which are under the photograph.  We cut out the embellishment and there you go!!!

This is a more recent page and uses ribbon threading around the circle and we cut out the flowers and placed them around.  Again, very effective, isn't it?  Anita's a clever lady. 

For some reason my pictures aren't showing - but if you click on the little box the picture pops up.  Anyone know what I've done wrong please? xx

Addendum (!)  Been back in and pictures showed up fine.  I think Blogger was having a 'moody' day yesterday.  Thanks for the advice ladies. xx


Karen said...

Beautiful layouts Liz. I loved seeing these IRL - you are a super scrapbooker. :)

Anita said...

OOohhh fabby work Liz, so pleased you have had chance to do them, was lovely sharing the weekend witn you Hun.xx

Linda said...

Lovely LO's Liz, try deleting the images from the post (via edit) and reloading them on?

Anyhow - they are gorgeous!

liz said...

Thank for looking my friends and for the kind comments. It was all Anita's ideas though. xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Can see the photos today Liz, think Blogger had a hiccup when I last looked :) They are cracking layouts :) May have to keep the doily one in mind, as I have them....just not had a chance to play properly :(

liz said...

Thank you Sarah. The doily one is so easy yet so effective. Just make sure you are not wearing any good clothes. If you cover your working surface with newspaper then you can use the newspaper afterwards as background papers. That was a tip from Anita. x