Wednesday, 20 April 2011


This weekend my daughter, grand-daughters and I decided to go to see the bluebells at Arlington.  The farm had only opened the day before and the bluebells were out but not in full bloom yet.  We'll probably go again over the Easter weekend as the sunshine should bring them out fully.

However we had a chance to look at the animals - there were some lambs and ewes, one ewe particularly with curled horns just wanted her face stroked and tickled.  She was so gorgeous, but I forgot to take a picture!!  Anyway I did take a picture of the lambs.

However, as you can see, I am a lousy photographer and they either turned away from the camera or went back to sleep!!  Hey ho.  There were also some little chicks under the light which were cute, but the pictures didn't come out very well.

We went on a longer walk this time, the Yellow Walk and this took us up into the open fields and onto the livery stables and the cow shed. I remembered to take a picture of some calves though.  This time the calf was looking at me!

The weather was beautiful and it was lovely walking through the woods - the bluebells smell so fresh.  Anyway, if we do go again I promise I'll take some more pictures.


Anita said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time Liz. we have been to Crowborough Hospital today and we caught glimpses of blubell carpets in bewtween the trees in

liz said...

It was lovely Anita. Bluebells hold a lot of childhood memories for me. x