Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wild life around Langney

There is a footpath which goes around the pond at Langney.  Every year a pair of swans come and nest and have their babies on the pond.  They used to build their nest right in the middle of the pond but over the last two years they have built their nest right next to the footpath.  The footpath is quite busy as it is the direct link to the shops, to the school and for dog walkers.  I walked up to the shops a couple of weeks ago and this is what I saw:

The wire fence is all that separates the swans from the footpath and they don't seem to bother at all!

Last week I walked round the pond and the cygnets were out and about with mum.


Dad was obviously feeling a bit left out as he kept chasing the ducks and their babies - he really had got out of bed on the wrong side - well actually he couldn't have cos of the fence, but lets not quibble!!

Mum and babies just sailed serenely away with not a care in the world.

They've all gone now - perhaps its was something I said!

Then blow me down.  Friday evening I glanced out of my kitchen window and look what was walking around my hammock!

We haven't had hedgehogs for years so I was very pleased to see this one.  He didn't seem at all bothered that I was there and it was still daylight.  He let me get quite close to him as you can see.

He popped back again last night but I haven't seen him yet today.

Aren't we so lucky to have nature right on our doorstep? x


Anita said...

Some super photos there Liz :).xx

Linda said...

Fab photos Liz!
Hedgehogs like cat and dog food I believe :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabulous photos there :)

liz said...

Thanks guys. Yes Linda I believe you're right but I don't think my cat would leave the food alone and I don't want her harrassing the hedgehog. x

Karen said...

Super photos Liz.