Thursday, 28 February 2013

Keeping my fabric stash tidy

My clever friend Sue has told me how she keeps her fabric stash tidy.  She has bought CD / DVD holders and put her stash in them.  It seemed such a good idea I thought I'd have a look.  I looked in Argos and they've got some nice holders, but I happened to be meeting up with Sue and my other friend Sandie at Ikaea in Lakeside on Wednesday.  Whilst we were walking round,  there were some CD / DVD holders.  I just couldn't resist so I bought one. 
I didn't think it would be quite that tall, but hey ho I managed to get it into my car and carry it back into the house.  I looked like a carpenter with the pieces carried on my shoulder!  I couldn't wait to put it together and it all went together very easily.
Saturday I spent some happy hours putting my stash into colours and into the holder.  It does look very smart I must say.  I'm very pleased although rather surprised at the amount of stash I've got!!

Neat, eh?  Very happy! x


Lynn said...

Good idea Liz, looks like you will soon need another. Lynn x

liz said...

I know, Lynn. Frightening isn't it? I didn't realise how much I had until I put it in order!! x