Saturday, 23 February 2013

Look what I've made -

Me again - I know I'm always apologising for the long delays between entries on my blog - I've sort of got an excuse - I've been away visiting my son in Australia for a month and then my camera died on me!  I've no more excuses now though - I got a new battery for the camera yesterday and I've been back from Oz since the end of January!!
Now when I was in Oz I bought some fabric squares.  My friend Sue showed me a lovely patchwork book (sorry don't know the name) and which had a brilliant bag project using fabric squares.  Meant to be.  So Sue kindly photocopied me the project and voila - here is the bag!  I'm quite pleased with it as I've never done anything like it before but its a bit bigger than I thought it would be.

The project required sewing the patches together, then sewing 'in the ditch' one either side of the contrast fabric as well as quilting each patch. I was not prepared for the amount of thread I had to use - nearly two complete spools of Gutterman!!
The bag is lined (I used an old linen sheet, which worked very well) and also has matching patched inside pocket.
Should I make it again though I shall make it smaller and possibly change the bag fastening as the one used is not all that secure.  The project suggested using a magnet fastening, which I did, bought from that lovely fabric shop, the Pumpkin Patch in Hailsham, but the closure is not that strong.  I also got the contrast fabric from the Pumpkin Patch.
Anyway I've made it and I'm very pleased with my first attempt.  I hope you like it too.
Thank you for looking.


Anita said...

Liz, WOW! That is absolutely beautiful! you are so clever Hun xxx

liz said...

He he|! Not so sure about that, but I was pleased with mysef. Thank you Anita. See you soon. xxx

liz said...

Although I can't see your comment here on the blog Linda, I know you have commented so thank you for that anyway! The bag didn't take that long, actually - probably a couple of days. x