Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm back!

Well no 1 son has gone back to Australia now!  Bit sad to see him go but I'll see him again in February so not too far away.  We had a lovely time - very hectic 5 days - but he saw everyone he wanted to, so that was good.  Consequently not done much card making but have been having a bit of a play with my new Cute Companions stamps.  Not quite got the hang of them, so nothing to show just yet.
However, I've got pictures of other cards I've done so I'll get some of them together.

This a card I did for my ex-husband's 60th birthday (don't ask!).  I put in the shrink plastic pair of slippers as a sarcastic gesture which I'm sure was lost on him, but I liked it, especially as he's older than me!  Again it is good old Cute Companions number stamps which I do like and some of the Christmas stamps too.

This is one of those hidden cards where you pull each side and get three cards in total and use a plastic bag for the mechanism.  I saw it demonstrated a while ago on Create and Craft.  This is how it looks when you get it:

and then this is what you get when you open it.  Cute isn't it? 

I've used Little Claire duck stamps and coloured with sakura glaze pens and used yellow flock for texture.  I was quite pleased with it. 

I'm off now to have a mozey around.

Back later x

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