Friday, 4 September 2009

Very naughty and I don't care !!!

I've been very naughtly - last week C & C were doing a special price on the CriCut machine with three fonts and I ordered it.  It arrived last night (very quick) and I've been unpacking it, stroking it and reading up on it.  I'm too petrified though to try using it yet!  How sad am I?  I thought I'd better buy it whilst I've got the money cos once I retire, if ever, I'll have to rein in my horns.  That's my excuse anyway!

I also bought some stamps from Lili of the Valley - they arrived yesterday too.  When I ordered them there were some lovely examples of how they would look when used, but I can't flippin' find them now!  Well I'll just have to use my own imagination for a change!  I've got friends coming round tonight so won't have any time tonight but I'm cropping tomorrow at JillyBeans so I'll take my stamps with me and have a go.  Not my Cricut though - I'm still too frightened to even move it yet!

Forgot to say in all that wind the night before last, the lampost right outside my house snapped completely in half.  The noise was quite frightening - when I looked out yesterday morning the top 3/4 was lying on the ground, all smashed up.  By the time I went to work the light people were out making it safe and clearing away and last night there's just a stump in the pavement.  Looks very sad and very dark at the moment.  At least no one was hurt or anything damaged (except the lamp post!!).

I'll post some more cards over the weekend hopefully.  Byeee x


Linda said...

Tut, Tut Liz!

How exciting though. I already have a QK silhouette but am wondering about putting one on my birthday list - Jill, watch this space!


liz said...

I know Linda, but I don't care!
If you do get one for your birthday we could practice together (he he!)