Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday, 1 September, 2009

Well its the end of the holiday and back to work!  All good things have to end, I suppose!  I'll upload some more pictures when I get home tonight, but I think I'll just waffle a bit here whilst I'm at work - lunch break!
Had a text from my daughter this morning - she and my grandchildren have been to Crete for two weeks with their Dad.  They're due back today but her text said they had boarded the plane and then told to get off and wait.  As far as I'm aware they're still waiting as I haven't heard anything since!  I hope they get back soon!
Had a quiet long weekend, it was lovely.  I just did my own thing - mainly crafting - and it was a nice change.  My son from Oz skyped me Sunday morning so I could see my other two grandchildren - it was Sunday evening there and the children were having their bath and getting ready for bed.  Skype is so wonderful - I was actually able to see them in the bath and sing songs with them and they could see me too.  Brilliant. 
Then my other son skyped me, on his mobile!!  No pictures there but just checking I was OK - I'm very lucky my kids are very supportive.
Right enough - I'm going to have my sandwiches and do a bit of surfing. 
I'll be back. 

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