Thursday, 29 July 2010

How lucky am I - another award

Hey look at this award! It's from my lovely talented friend Anita. Please pop over and check out her blog (Inky Blossoms) and all her beautiful work. Many thanks Anita.

So here are some rules I need to follow:-

* Thank the person who gave it to you. Thank you again Anita :o) x

* Tell seven things about yourself. That's not easy.  Let's see:

  •  I am very interested in family history and at the moment am alternating between family history and card making.

  • I have an absolute phobia of snakes and worms!!  I can't do any gardening or weeding without gloves.  When I was a lot younger (my eldest son was 2 - he's now 35!), I came across a worm in the garden and wasn't wearing gloves.  I dropped everything on the garden, rushed in doors, shut and locked the back door so it wouldn't come and get me!!  It was a very large worm!

  • I used to  do ballet dancing, tap and modern from when I was 7 until 15 or so and still have a love for the ballet.  Not that I can do much nowadays!!

  • I loved doing cross stitch and made lots of cards and one very beautiful (even though I say it myself) fairy picture.  My mother had it framed for me as a birthday present and it still hangs on the wall.  It did take me rather a long time, I have to admit.  My loft is still full of threads, aida and cross stitch patterns.  I can't get rid of them because one day, I might start again.

  • I am a great hoarder and procrastinator!!  I can't throw things away because one day they may come in useful or I may want to do them again!!  I would hate to have to move house and downsize.

  • I have four wonderful grandchildren - grandchildren are so much more fun than children - you have time to do things with them which you didn't have with your children, and you can give them back!!

  • My daughter turned up in my office last week and informed me she had just got married!  It was her second marriage, but she had told no one in the family.  It was a great shock but she is so happy,  if that is what she wants, she's old enough.

* Pass this award to five other bloggers who you think are fantastic - now this is difficult, not because I can't think of anyone but because Anita has picked the people I would have chosen and I really don't know many other people.  Well I shall chose my crafting friends Krafty Karen (KKFantasticPlace) and Scrappy Sarah (Sarah-scrap-book)and then  repeat Anita (Inky Blossoms), Jilly (A Calendar of Colours), Lynn (A Moment in Time) and Linda (Linda's cards and pages).  - Ooops that's six but hey ho, what's one between friends!!   xx


KraftyKaren said...

Thank you very much Liz - I will upload that at the weekend - how kind of you.

Karen x

liz said...

You're very welcome Karen x

Anita said...

You are more than welcome Liz.....loved reading up about you....and WHAT a surprise about your daughter getting married, wow! see you soon xxx

liz said...

Oh yes, it was a bit surprising! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Thanks Liz