Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Kids never fail to surprise you !!

Last week, I was at work minding my own business.  Suddenly just before lunch time my daughter Kate popped in, as she often does.  She looked really lovely in a short white dress, and sparkles in her hair.  I commented on how lovely she looked and she smiled, turned round and in came Danny, her partner.  They had moved into a rented house only last month.  They just grinned and then said they'd just got married!!  At the Registrar Office in Hastings.  You can imagine I was absolutely flabbergasted.  I just couldn't really believe it was true as I had had no inkling.  Apparently absolutely no-one knew; not their siblings, parents, friends, no-one.  Kate popped into school and got the two girls out just for an hour.  She had bought them new dresses which they changed into in the car.  On the way to the Registrar Office they ran out of petrol!  A lady took Kate to the petrol station.  A police car stopped to see what was going on.  When Kate explained, the policeman helped the girls do the buttons up on their dresses and then she got a police escort to Hastings!  They got two of their fire brigade mates to be witnesses, having sworn them to secrecy.  Kate bought three sunflowers, one for her and the others for the girls, and that was that!
They did have some pictures taken but I've not got any just yet.  I have been promised some. 

So - who'd have children ???

Anyway in the meantime I thought I'd show you the third book I made for my granddaughter in Australia.  She's loves fairies so I couldn't do any better than using the Crafters' Companion Flower Fairies stamps and CDs.

I think this is one of my favourite fairies from the collection.  The baby is so cute!  Some of the fairies I masked and then spray glittered their wings - they looked quite effective.

and the last one in the book:

Sorry there were rather more than I thought!  My son said Emma was pleased with it.  I hope she was.  Anyway I enjoyed making it.

I'll be back on another day!  x


Linda said...

Beautiful book Liz and congratulations to the happy couple.

liz said...

Thank you Linda x

Lynn said...

Wow, Liz that was a bit of a shock! Congratulations anyway!

Lovely fairy book. x

KraftyKaren said...

Congrats to your daughter and son-in-law.

That book is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How sad that you couldn't be there Liz. But best wishes to them for a happy future. Love the cards.

liz said...

Thanks Jilly - yes it would have been nice to have been there, but if that's what they wanted, not a lot I can do about it. x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

that is fantastic Liz, a lot of work :) but it is beautiful

liz said...

Thanks Sarah. x