Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Surprise! surprise!

I'm back!  I'll bet you didn't miss me anyway!!  I can't believe I haven't blogged on here since the end of May.  Where did the time go?
I've not been doing anything special - oh I've been to Cornwall to see a mate and I've got some pictures so I might pop some of them on.  I haven't even been looking at everyone's blogs (as has been commented on by some - you know who you are Jill!). 
I've made a few cards and bought a few new bits and bobs (no surprise there!)
Oh and my eldest grand-daughter broke her ankle on her scooter last week.  Day after her birthday and 10 days before the end of term and she's going up to the senior school in September!!  Disaster, disaster! 

Right - I'll see what pictures I've got to show you:

I flew to Newquary, Cornwall with a friend to visit another friend - thought it would be quicker but we were delayed - anyway that's another story.  My friend Sue and I went to stay with Pippa who lives in an isolated place with her dog.  Absolutely beautiful and restful.   We had breakfast outside = such luxury.  The weather was brilliant and Pip had a beautiful chocolate labrador who has two black labrador friends so we went for lots of long walks.  You can see how much the dogs loved it!

The scenery was absolutely beautiful.

We only went for a long weekend so our days were pretty full.  Whilst there there was an open gardens 'thingy'!  Seven gardens opened their gates - all nearby but totally different.

This was an old Post Office and its gardens were pretty but nothing special - standing stones and things in trees:

The next garden was absolutely stunning.  There was also a school jazz choir there which we listened to whilst munching through a cream tea! 

We also went into a tiny garden which had plants in pots - nothing else.  Unbelieveable though.

Some of the houses had special displays too such as pottery, quilts and garden furniture.  The quilts were absolutely stunning but we couldn't get any pictures. There were some king sized quilts which had been stitched by hand - everything had been done by hand.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I bought a small wall hanging which I want to put in my work room. 

Last picture is the three of us at a lovely restaurant in Mousehole overlooking St Michael's Mount.  The end of a beautful  break.

I promise I'll be back later with some pictures of cards but my tea is calling.  x


Anita said...

Hello Liz my Lovely *waves madly* so good to see you back in blogland Hun. Love the pics, looks like you had a wonderful time..... and what a pretty place. You will need to be scrapping that lovely piccie of the 3 of you you know :).
See you soon..xxxx

liz said...

Hi Anita. Thank you. Yes, that's not a bad idea. xxx

Linda said...

You have been missed! Glad you are back.
Love the pictures, looks very peaceful x

liz said...

Thanks Linda. It was a very restful break. x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

No wonder you have not been on here....living the life of Riley lol. Lots of great pictures to scrap esp the one of the three of you :) GReat to catch up with you too the other day :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like my kind of place Liz. Glad you enjoyed your break.

liz said...

Thank you Sarah and Jilly. Nice to see you too Sarah. Hopefully back to stay now x

Lynn said...

Pleased you had a great time and lovely to 'see' you back on here again. Some lovely photos to scap Liz.