Saturday, 6 November 2010


Halloween is my grand-daughter, Emily's, 6th birthday.  Emily doesn't like to have her birthday as a Halloween party so this year she celebrated Halloween and will have her birthday party next Sunday with a Fairground theme.
So the whole family, well Kate, Danny, Chloe and Emily, dressed up and went 'Trick and Treating'.  

Don't ask why Kate and Danny went as a Smurf and Batman, probably only cosutme they had!

Chloe decided she wanted to go as a 'dead' school girl - very ghoulish my grand-daughter! 

Now Emily didn't want to dress up but wanted to be black and white!  So black and white she was.

While they were out 'Trick or Treating' those left cut up the pumpkins and left them outside with candles lit.  They really looked spooky. 

I'm going now.  This flippin' blog has taken me ages to do as I haven't been able to upload more than one photo.  I've just learned from Lynne at Jilly's crop today that Blogger has hiccups and that I've got to go right out of the Blog and come back in to upload another photo!!  I ask you, how ridiculous is that?  So although I started this blog on 1 Nov, because of work, frustration and not knowing what to do, I've only just finished it now, a week later!  So sorry but I was determined to upload it anyway.
Bye xxx


Anita said...

Fabulous pics Liz, they certainly look like they had fun. Was really lovely spending time with you at the crop again today Hun..xxxx

liz said...

Thank you Anita. We did have fun, didn't we? Thank you for your lovely kits. I promise I'm going to get some pictures and do a few layouts! xxx

Linda said...

Looks like great fun Liz, hope to see these on pages soon x

Lynn said...

Great photos Liz, well worth the effort involved in uploading. Lets hope it's fixed soon.

liz said...

Thanks guys - I promise I'll give them a go soon. xx