Sunday, 1 January 2012

Double tri-fold card

I saw this sample of a double tri-fold card some while ago on the Crafters' Companion's project web-site and fell in love with it. 

So I decided to make one to welcome my new grandson into the world.

I used my Crafters Companion Humphrey stamps and CD in this card.  I have used some decoupage and hand-painted the rest of the images.

This one worked well so I thought I'd make one each for my grand-daughter and grandson in Australia as I wouldn't get to see them. 

Here is the one I sent to Emma, my grand-daughter and actually was the first one I did.

I used Jayne Nesterenko's Winter Adorables CD solely on this one, some decoupaged and some straight printing and then quite a lot of glitter!

For Adam I couldn't use anything fancy so I used Jayne Nesterenko's many Cute Companion stamps and hand-painted them.

I used the stamps from various of Jayne's stamp sets and they all seemed to mix together well.

They took for ever to decorate but I think they were worth the effort in the long run. 

I haven't heard back yet what the children's reaction was to them, but I enjoyed doing them. xx


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Gorgeous Liz :D

Anita said...

stunning cards Liz, you are sooooo

liz said...

Thank you ladies. xxx

Linda said...

These work so well Liz, I'm sure they were all delighted to receive them :)

liz said...

Thank you Linda, I hope so. x