Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Never ending card

I have been asked to make a couple of never ending cards for friends to buy.  It is such a long time since I made them that I had to find my instructions.  Even then I still got it wrong first time!!  Honestly the amount of card I waste, faffing about!  Hopefully I will get better at it. 
Anyway the first one my friend wanted was Beatrix Potter and using quite a few cats.  I used the Crafters Companion various Beatrix Potter CDs and printed off several pages and backing sheets.

So here is what I produced.

I don't know whether you know how a 'never-ending' card works.  This is the front page.  You open up the middle card from the centre out, like a book, and get:

This is the second page which you open up from the middle upwards and downwards, giving you the next page, which looks like this:

You then open up the card from the middle outwards, like a book, and get the next page.  Thus:

With a place to put your greeting.   You open it again from the middle upwards and downwards and you're back to the beginning.  Having four different stages, it looks as though the card is 'never-ending'.

Hope you like it.  My friend seemed to be pleased with it. x 


Anita said...

Its beautiful Liz, like all your work! You are soooo

KraftyKaren said...

Saw this at the crop and it is simply beautiful x

Linda said...

Love the way your things are always so intricate - you have ooodles of patience :)