Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sorry !!!!

I don't know whether anyone else is having trouble but I can't comment on my own blog!!  How stupid is that?  I get your comments on my email but when I go in to thank you the page just goes blank.  So thank you everyone for your kind comments to my recent blogs.  I am replying by email to you all. 
Is anyone else having this problem?  Can anyone tell me what I can do about it please?  It is ridiculous.
Anyway thank you all again.  I'll still carry on blogging.  xxx


Lynn said...

Hi Liz, that's odd, have you tried commenting on another blog?
Lynn x

liz said...

Yippee my son has sorted it!! I googled my problem and we had to change something to 'pop ups' which he did, and now I can reply to your kind comments. I knew children had their uses.!! x