Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Part 2

Here is the second commissioned card, as promised.

This card stye came about by accident.  I thought of doing a 'K' style card with an opening inside.  I scored the first card in half, in the normal way.  The second card I scored in half and then in half again, making a concertina.  Instead of cutting a shape into the second card, I left it as it was and stuck it into the first card.  I then did it all over again and stuck the two cards together, making a sort of folder, added a bit of ribbon and there was another book.  I've haven't explained it very well I'm afraid, but hope you can see what I've done.

I've used the Crafter's Companion Snowman Cardmaking Kit with their decoupage, rub ons and toppers on all the pages.  Also using their Co-ordination card stock in two shades of teal colours.

Hopefully you can see the first quarter is stuck to the main part of the card, the second quarter is folded in a valley, the third quarter is a mountain, etc.

 and the last quarter is a valley fold.
This is now the second concertina card with the back and front of the main card stuck together. 

And this is the back of the book, using another Crafter's Companion insert from the Snowman CD.

Part 3 will be along later!!

Thank you for looking.   x


Linda said...

Beautiful :)

liz said...

Thank you Linda. x