Monday, 25 January 2016

little boxes for men


I'll bet everything is back to normal now.  Holidays and family gatherings over and just a memory.  Preparation takes so long and it is all over so quickly.

You may remember I showed you some aprons I made as sort of 'hostess' gifts for having me over the Christmas period.  Well I couldn't very well leave out the men, now could I?  But what to do?  Luckily Sara from Crafters Companion had brought out her Ulti-box DVD which showed some very clever boxes and containers.  So here is what I decided to make for the men of the family.

Although it looks very effective and difficult it was surprisingly simple and not too fiddly either!

As you can see this is made up by making six small triangular boxes, which open at one side to put little things in.  Sara's video is very helpful and she gives you the measurements and every process with great detail. 

I used Crafters Companion A3 double sided card from the Christmas range.  The card is strong and ideal for crafting and the double sided detail makes life so much easier!   You do not have to put in the acetate feature in three of the boxes but as I planned to fill them with homemade peppermint creams and truffles, I wanted the sweets to be seen.

Once I had made the six boxes to my satisfaction, they were placed on a thin strip of card, alternating the acetate boxes with the closed boxes and glued down.  Then a long ribbon was attached along the full length of the boxes, with enough left over to make a bow.

Once you have filled the boxes with whatever you have decided to put in, you can roll the boxes up, using the ribbon.  When the boxes are in a circle, tie the ribbon firmly at the top and there is your unusual present.

I actually used the other Christmas set of A3 double sided card which is much richer in colour and more suitable for men, but I only took a picture of one of them.  The other two I forgot to photograph!!  

The blue one was my practice roll but I made three different boxes in three different sets of card.  They did look very effective and the men seemed very pleased and impressed.  Success!

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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