Monday, 28 March 2016

Accordion Card

Hello, me again!

Today I'd like to show you a card I made using the Accordion Die from Crafters Companion.  

I used the square die and the flower decorative die that goes with the square accordion.  The concept of the accordion die is to cut the main card out of plain card first of all.  Then using a contrasting colour card cut out the decorative die.  You have to cut the decorative die twice to fit  each square and it joins seamlessly in the middle.

I cut two complete squares, which meant cutting the decorative die eight times, front and back.  You can use wet glue or 'Stick It' on the back of the card to stick the decorative diecut on the card.  

I then cut two different sized squares using the dies included in the square die to matt onto the plain square.  I cut a flower using a Crafters Companion die to attach to the front of the card.  I also used a butterfly die cut and a sentiment die.

The beauty of the accordion die is you can make a card with as many accordions as you like.  You could spell out a message, putting a different letter on each square.

The accordion dies come in different shapes and sizes, circles, oblongs, rectangles and squares.  You can also get different patterns but they are not interchangeable, they fit the individual shapes.  I find them very versatile but they do take a long time to make; however I do think they are very effective.

Thank  you for looking.

Liz x


Anita said...

Thats lovely Liz, really elegant xx

liz said...

Thank you Anita. xxx

Linda said...

Brilliant x

liz said...

Thank you Linda. xx