Sunday, 20 March 2016

Artisan peg bag

Hello again

Today I would like to share with you another make, pattern and material from the clever Sharon from WhoopsieDaisyDesigns.  This is a design for a peg bag which you can hang round your neck, leaving your hands free to hang up the clothes.

This is the front which has two pockets at the front.  The pink spotted contrast marks the two pockets, one in front and one behind.  

This is the back of the bag.  I do love the cats on the material.  

I made this for my friend's  birthday, who loves cats.  She was very pleased with it, even though I had to explain to her what it was for!

These two pictures show in more detail the two pockets of the bag.  You can see there's plenty of room for pegs.

It doesn't have to be used for pegs, of course.  I think it would be just as useful for gardening or even for crafting.  Everything in one place.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x


Linda said...

Definitely Crafting - what are pegs?
Oh, you mean the wooden things we use to keep glued edges together until they are dry!

liz said...

Not actuallyLinda. They actually were for pegs to hang your washing up with. The idea is you put the clothes pegs into the bag and then hang it around your neck, so you're hands are free to hang the washing out! However you could put anything you wanted in, I suppose! xx