Tuesday, 19 April 2016

And sew to bed

Hello again

I thought you might like to see this sewing project using a pattern from Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, issue 28 which I thought would suit both my younger grand-daughters for a present, as I had made the coveralls for their siblings.

The pattern consists of two larger mice, two smaller mice and their bed.  I thought the mice might be tricky but not the bed - how wrong was I!!

I matched the mummy and daddy mice's ears to their baby son and daughter and they all have a little string tail!  I made the mice from felt and used matching fabric for the ears.  The mice were unbelievably easy and the instructions were very good.

However, the bed!!  Oh my word I could not get my head around the pattern.  I showed it to several sewing people but they were stumped, like me.  In the end I emailed them at Love Patchwork & Quilting and explained my problem.  They were very helpful and sent me a bit more detail.  Unfortunately I still couldn't get my head around it.  Eventually I took it with me to Sharon Gammon at WhoopsieDaisyDesigns to see if she could see what I was doing wrong.  It took Sharon quite a while, but she eventually managed it!  Hurray! and you can see the finished project.  

For the bed I made some little patchwork squares and quilted them for the front of the bed, which had some padding on it.  The pillow I made it from some white minky material I had in my stash and then padded it out with some toy wadding.  The rest of the bed is made up by doing some 'fabric origami' (hence my problems!  You use some cotton fabric for both the lining and the bed backing. 

I'm still not sure I can work it out again, but I shall make some notes to add to the instructions so I can do it again if necessary.  

I really do love it and I hope my grand-daughters will love it too.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x


Anita said...

These are simply adorable Liz.....I wish I was your Grand Daughter xxx

liz said...

He he! Thank you Anita. I can always make one for you anyway!! :o))

Linda said...

Awww Liz, this is beautiful!
So glad you sorted the bed problem x