Friday, 15 April 2016

Children's coveralls


Today I'd like to show you some coveralls I made for my four grandsons.  I hope they will be ideal for them to paint, draw or even eat in.  

I made these using a pattern from Sharon Gammon, WhoopsieDaisyDesigns and fell in love with them.

I bought some Super Heroes cotton material from the Pumpkin Patch in Hailsham, East Sussex and lined it in plain yellow cotton with a green pocket.  

I cut out a character from the material and appliquéd it onto the pocket.

The back has two sets of ties one by the neck and one by the waist.

The second coverall I made using pirate material which I already had in my stash, on sale from Dunhelm Mills a couple of years ago!

This time I cut out the treasure chest and the pirates' galleon and appliquéd them onto the pocket before I put the pocket on the main fabric.

As you can see I lined it in red cotton and used plain blue cotton for the pocket.  

Again I put two sets of ties on the back.

These two will be winging their way to Australia together with a present for my grand-daughter, which I shall blog about soon.

I also made a spiderman one and a woodland one for my other two grandsons, but I forgot to take photos of them!  

My grandsons range from 16 months to 6 years old and I have made the same size for them all.  The beauty of this pattern is that it will fit all sizes around the neck and waist and all that changes is the length.  I must say it is quite long on my 16 month old grandson but he is probably likely to  make more mess than the others!  (possibly!)

Thank you for looking.

Liz x


Linda said...

These are cool 😁

Lynn said...

Great to see them finished Liz, bet the kids love them. x

liz said...

Thank you Linda and Lynn. I haven't heard from the lot in Australia yet but I know my 3 year old grandson takes it everywhere with him! Very rewarding! x