Saturday, 7 May 2016

Groovi parchment baby card

Hello again

I've been fascinated watching Barbara Gray and her 'parching' cards, using her Clarity Groovi system.  I have always loved the Clarity stamps and I've made several cards using them.  However parchment itself is very time consuming and you need to be exceedingly accurate.  I am neither patient nor accurate so Clarity's Groovi system was perfect for me.  I bought the Groovi starter kit which came with some plates.  I had quite a few practices, all of which started off well but I usually made some errors, like being too heavy handed, splitting the parchment, putting the pricking on the wrong side, using water to colour in and warping the parchment etc etc.  However I did learn from my mistakes!  Anyway I persevered and finally made a sheet of parchment that looked reasonably decent.

I had an occasion to make a baby boy card earlier on last week and coincidentally Clarity had brought out some baby plates earlier last month.  I watched some of the demonstrations on Hochanda and thought I'd like to have a go with this, so sent off for the baby plates from Crafters Companion. 

I can't take credit for the design of this card.  I used one of the Hochanda demonstrations for the inspiration, but had to adapt it slightly as I didn't have all the plates they used.

 I loved the little feet, bottle and dummy and they came out rather well, I thought.  You have to work from the back of the parchment (which I found out to my cost!).   Once you've drawn the pattern, which is already engraved onto the plate, making it much easier and more accurate, you then can colour it and also use some 'white work' to emphasise different aspects of the plate.

I added the hearts myself and glittered them from the front and also added the words 'Baby Boy'.

As you probably know parchment paper is notorious for being difficult to fix on to card as the glue or sticky tape will show.  Clarity have come up with a solution which is a punch which makes slots in the card to insert the parchment paper into.   I haven't quite got the hang of it as the parchment in this card is a bit lumpy bumpy but I think its not too bad.

Hope you like it.  Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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