Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me again!


I am sorry I have missed a few weeks of blogging.  I've had a very busy time.  My daughter and son-in-law invited me to go with them as a surprise to Norfolk.  It was a brilliant cabin and beautifully done.  It would sleep 10 people and it also had a tree house and a Jacuzzi.

We took it in turns to sleep in the tree house which was just at the end of the cabin.  Completely independent from the cabin and self contained.  It looked out into the woods and was as if you actually in the trees.

The weather was ideal - a bit cloudy but not too hot.  Occasional showers but not enough to spoil our outings.

This is us at the dining table.  There was only six of us so we had plenty of room.

On the first full day we decided to go to the nearby zoo.  We didn't think it would be very large, but in fact we were very surprised at the number of animals they had.  We were there all day.  

As we walked through into the zoo itself we came across this on the wall.  It was such a good idea.  Crayons were supplied and everyone could doodle or colour in whatever they wanted.  Afterwards the board could just be wiped clean ready for the next family.

Then on the other side were these three camels, all decorated up.    

I've seen the numerous  painted cows all over the country but never camels.

They were very unusual.

We were in time to see the feeding of the penguins.  It was very cleverly laid out in that we could see right down onto them as they toddled along under the bridge we could all stand on.

The next stop was the butterfly house.  There were quite a few butterflies. but the flowers were absolutely stunning.  I think this was was the Bird in Paradise flower, but I'm not sure.  They were so striking though.

Then we saw the Snow Leopard - at first he was camouflaged so well he was hard to see but he looks so relaxed and cuddly (not!) !

The next day we decided to go 'geo-caching'.  Something none of us had done before.  We found it great fun, and very clever.  We found all the items, deciphered all the clues and our reward was free hot chocolates, coffee etc!  Very yummy.

Behind the cabin there were lots of fallen trees and bracken, just waiting for us to build a camp.  Such a lot of fun and mucky enough to please the children.  

Then back to the cabin for tea and a soak in the jacuzzi!  Absolute bliss. 

For some reason I can't import any more pictures to this page, so I shall start another one with the rest of my pictures - not too many, I promise! 

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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