Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bit lost!!

Hi guys
Bit lost at the moment - Think I've found out why I can't get pictures to transfer to computer - some b ***r (one of my kids, it must have been) has walked off with the lead that connects camera to computer!  For goodness sake - it can't have been me!  Of course I don't know what sort of lead I need, and No 2 DS won't answer my texts and didn't turn up for Sunday lunch so I can't show you the pictures I've taken of the concert nor the new cards I have made.  I'm fuming!  Oh well I'm sure I'll sort it eventually.  Anyway I shall have to load up some more of my older cards etc  for your delectation!

How about this for a sad picture though?

How sad does she look?  This is my grand daughter in Australia - she and a friend were climbing on a bookcase, despite being told not to, and they pulled it over onto themseves.  This was the result.  Poor Emma had to go to hospital but luckily she only had bruising.  She's only just 3 and hopefully she's learned her lesson - probably not!!  Bless her though - doesn't she look sorry for herself?

These were two stamps I bought from Lavinia Stamps (http://www.laviniastamps.co.uk/)  I love their stamps as I'm a bit of a fairy nut!  Their website is rather stunning too - the examples they show you are brilliant.  I used paper in my craft box and finished off with different colours of pearly doodles.  Must use this stamp more often.

One more then I'm off for tea.

I think this stamp is so versatile.  This is from Elusive Images and can be made into the four seasons tree.  Obviously in this picture I've made it a winter tree and put Stickles on the branches for frost or snow.  The stamp comes with leaves and flowers too so you can change it as you wish.

Fed up now.  The computer is playing silly devils and keeps freezing.  Can't be bothered to wait five minutes between every flippin' word typed!  I'm off.  I'll be back though xx


Lynn said...

Hi Liz,

Poor little Emma, she does look sad and sore.

I'm pleased to say my memory card fits straight into a slot in the computer, but I used to have to hunt all over the house for the card reader and lead, it would always be with one of the kids computers!! But at least they all live here with me so not too far to search. Hope it turns up soon, maybe they could treat you to a new one!

Love both those cards, what lovely stamps. Off to look at the website you mentioned.
Hope computer behaves today - that is so frustrating!!
Happy crafting.

Anita said...

Awww, bless her little heart, poor love. I bet she doesn't do that again in a hurry, well hopefully not anyway. Love your cards, those stamps are beautiful, I would love to see all the sparkles IRL sometime. Hope you get your lead sorted soon, how frustrating. Have a good day Hun and see you tonight..xx

Scrappy~Sarah said...

aww bless her.....glad it is nothing serious though......love the cards, sure they are even more stunning irl (as always). AArrgghh re the lead..thankfully my printer has a slot I just put the card in, so none to wander off....hope you find them soon

liz said...

Thank you all guys for your kind comments. I'l have to look into getting a slot and card, although it might mean getting a new camera - not sure I can justify that!! xx