Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Here we go again ...!

You'll be sorry I managed to get my camera attached at this rate!! 

This is my interpretation of the 'never-ending' card.  It is very easy to make but the decorating took forever!  But I'm pleased with the outcome.  Not sure I'll do any more though as I'm not sure people will realise what they have to do when they receive it!

First page - open from the middle sideways.

Next page - open from the middle downwards.

This is ridiculous.  I'll start another blog.  Not sure it should take so long to upload.


Anita said...

You sure have been busy Liz, these, as usual, are fabulous! You are a clever stick ;)

liz said...

Thank you Anita. Wow, I'd hardly stopped typing when you commented. How quick is that x

Lynn said...

This is lovely Liz, if I bring some plain card will youshow me how please?

liz said...

Of course Lynnn. Its very simple. Two sheets of square card, whatever size you want to do. x