Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Connected again, at last !!!

Well its only taken about 10 days to get sorted.  When my son arrived on Sunday and I showed him what I needed he said, oh I didn't realise you meant that lead, I've got five spare ones at home (he lives in Brighton!).  So I had to give him a stamped addressed envelope and he gave it to his dad to post (he goes past the end of my road nearly) and I finally received the lead today!!  Any way I've downloaded my pictures from 'that' concert so I can upload some for your delectation!

As you can see we were quite high up but the big screen gave us a good view.  The pictures are all pretty much the same with just different coloured lighting, but he was singing different songs too!!!

Here's another picture and then enough but I think you get the idea.

I'll be back in a minute to show some of my cards I've made but my system slows right down when I upload more than a couple of pictures.

Bye for now xx


Anita said...

YAY! Good to see you back Liz, so very glad you are sorted out. Fab shots, love the colour change. Hope to see these scrapped?

liz said...

Thank you Anita. Yes, I'm hoping to scrap them - usual excuse when I've got my photos sorted!!! Can't keep on using the same excuse! xx