Thursday, 1 October 2009

My first concert!!

Well I went! My daughter and I set off from Eastbourne at 10am off to London. We went to Covent Garden and wandered around looking at the various shops and performers - talk about working hard for the money! Fancy standing there and having to drum up custom and then keep them entertained for about 20 mins. My goodness did they work hard. We had a lovely lunch and then after wandering about a bit more, we decided to get the tube and move nearer to O2. That's where things went wrong - we were talking too much and missed the way to Covent Garden tube and then turned the wrong way down the Strand and ended up walking over Westminster (or was it Waterloo) Bridge! My poor feet. We finally got to a tube station but I was flippin' shattered by then!!
Anyway we got to O2 and got there just as the show was starting. We were in seat number 546!! Right up in the gods but a brilliant view. The steps up to the seats though were almost sheer! Bit frightening I have to say.
The O2 was completely packed, and had been for the previous two nights as well. Absolutely stunning seeing that number of people. Then the curtains went back - I have to say Cliff was pretty darned good - he sang quite a few of the old songs, not many new ones, but we could all sing along with them. He went off a couple of times to change his outfit and probably have a rest, but the Shadows stayed on all the time. They were absolutely brilliant - played all their well known tunes and the sound - wow! Just the same as on the record. They were really good.
We had ordered a shuttle bus to get us to Victoria station in time to catch the last train to Eastbourne, and we just made it with minutes to spare. We finally got in at 2am! I slept very well that night but in the morning I was so stiff! So I didn't go into work and had a lazy day at home. Slept really well that night too.
But it was a memorable day and I am very grateful to my daughter for buying the tickets and also taking me to my first concert ever at the age of 60!!
Wonderful xx


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Sounds fantastic Liz, what a treat...hope there are pics to scrap

liz said...

Thanks Sarah - I did take pictures but for some reason I can't transfer them onto the computer!! I'm going to have to ask DS2 to help me, and I'm sure it'll be something I've done wrong, AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

Quite an adventure for an old lady. Glad that you enjoyed it.

liz said...

Jilly - I can't believe you said that, you cheeky moo! Talk about kettle calling pot black! You wait till tomorrow!
Liz x

Linda said...

So glad you enjoyed it, wish I could have gone too.

Anita said...

Sounds like you had a blast Liz, so, when are you off to see Iron Maiden or the Sex Pistols ;) ( I have heard Jill is a bit partial to letting her hair down and going for it ;) LOL)

liz said...

Anita that's no way to talk about Jill, he he!
I'd love to see my children's face if I asked to go to an Iron Maiden or Sex Pistols concert! Might be worth it just to see what they said! Liz x