Sunday, 1 November 2009


What a day yesterday!  It was my grand-daughter Emily's 5th birthday yesterday.  My daughter (her mum) came out of hospital on Friday after having her sinuses 'stretched'!!  My daughter, Kate, stayed at my house Friday night so I could keep an eye on her.  She wanted to see Emily and her other daughter Chloe on Emily's birthday so they all stayed with me, including my son too!  We had a lovely time opening Emily's presents as you can see.

I thought the obvious card for me to make for Emily would be a Halloween one, which I did.  When we asked Emily what type of party she would like she decided on a Princess and Pirate party!!!  So much for my Halloween idea - anyway that's what she got!  She did seem pleased with it.

My son bought her the fairy outfit - as you can see she was tickled pink.

Obviously with Kate being unable to plan too much it fell to me to sort out the food and we prepared it all Saturday morning before going to the Church Hall where the whole of Emily's class were coming from 11 - 1pm!  All 30+ of them!!  It was quite funny when we got there and a little girl was already there.  I said to Emily to go and say hello and Emily said 'no' cos she didn't know who she was!!  Great!

Anyway the party went off very well.  Kate had planned things well in advance and had ordered some wall hangings of pirates and fairies which looked brilliant in the hall and really set the scene.  Kate had put all the party bags together before her operation and my son and I blew up all the balloons - which kept going bang the whole way through the party! 

Finally it was over - I popped Kate back home to have a well deserved sleep in peace and quiet.  The girls went off with their dad for four days so she'll have time to recuperate and I finally came home to sleep!!

I think a good day was had by all!  x


Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just reading about your day. Glad it all went off well.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

crumbs, what a day, sure there will be plenty to scrap....that fairy outfit looks fantastic!!

liz said...

Thanks Jill. Must say I slept well last night!! xx

Anita said...

Blimey Liz, you sound like you have been very busy, but what good fun. Love the fairy outfit and look forwards to seeing you scrap it :).xx

liz said...

Thank you Sarah - we must have posted at the same time!!!
Thanks Anita too.
I must get my photos sorted out to scrap some. My cards seem to get in the way! xxx