Monday, 9 November 2009

Have you ever heard anything so silly?

Can you believe it?  I went to Jill's (Cardinal Colours) on Saturday for the scrapping day - absolutely smashing time.  Then Jill has to spoil it by MAKING me agree to do a card making class in a couple of weeks!!  Me!!  Who can't teach a rice pudding to make a skin!  I don't do teaching!!  Jill chose a couple of the cards I made when I went to Jayne Nesterenko's workshop last month, so that's it!  She won't take no for an answer - in fact Jill totally ignored all my protests.  I have to say though the others at the crop didn't help either - encouraging me too.  You'll be sorry I tell you!!  Anyway that's it - I've now got to plan what to do.  He he!!

Thought I'd show you a card I made using Hobby Art stamps - I saw them demonstrated at the Glitter Pot last month and thought I'd give them a go.  I was quite pleased with it.  x


KraftyKaren said...

Looking forward to your class Liz - Jill signed some of us up on Sunday hee hee. We promise to be good students ;-)

Lynn said...

Please Miss!
What do I do next? (If I want to attend your class).

You will be great, which cards are you teaching Liz?

Lynn x

liz said...

Thank you Karen - goodness I didn't realise Jill would rope you all in too! She is an evil person :o)).
Cheeky mare Lynn - I'm doing the Christmas tree card which I've posted in the beg of Nov blog and also an acetate card again one I did at the Jayne Nesterenko workshop. x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

You will be fine :) Sadly Mum and I can't make it (work and Steph commitments). Great card too :)

liz said...

Don't worry Sarah - you probably have made the right decision!!! xx

Linda said...

Sorry Miss, have to send an excuse-moi. I cant make it :(
Sure you'll do well and have loads of fun though, will be thinking of you x

liz said...

I think we're thinking of cancelling as not many can come now. Might try it next year perhaps - with a bit more notice. x