Sunday, 22 November 2009

What time do you call this ??

As you may know my eldest son Chris lives in Australia.  Every Sunday morning we Skype each other and I get to see my other grandchildren getting ready for bed.  Unfortunately now the hour has gone back their bathtime is 7pm which makes it 8am our time!  As I've said before I don't 'do' early and because I can see them, they can see me so I've got to look at least reasonable and also be dressed!  Well this morning I overslept a bit and it was 7.45 before I got up!  So I've been rushing around like a blue a***d fly - even managed to get a cup of tea ready to bring upstairs.  Then a text - 'sorry mum we've lost the camera, can't find it anywhere.  we'll speak next week instead'!!  You can imagine the words I said.  So here I am at 8.30am (such an unearthly hour for me!) with nothing to do!  Hey ho, back to the cards then!

You'll know now we didn't go ahead with the card class, too much short notice, but I'm probably showing the acetate card for those who want to see it at the next crop.

Last Christmas I had some Christmas cards left over and although I am enjoying making my cards I'm certainly not planning to send everyone (50 -ish) one of my own cards!  But can I find these left over cards?  I flippin' well can't.  Where the heck have I put them?  I'm going to have to buy some more as I'm running out of time.  I've printed off my labels but must write them. 

I'm not a great lover of Christmas - I love the kids' faces and all that but the commercialism of it all really gets to me. 

I've done quite a few more cards over the last week - with the weather being so foul, I've enjoyed playing with the cards. 

This card I borrowed the idea from a card I saw at Ali Pali last year.  It uses the Creative Expressions Christmas tree and I've added the Cute Companions mouse, presents and flower pot.  I used Brushed Corduroy distressed ink and then water coloured the outline. 

This card I was pleased with.  I bought some Hero Arts' stamps from my friend and thought I'd have a play.  I embossed the stamps in gold and silver embossing powder and then matted them on alternate silver and gold shiny board.  You can't see it very well but I've covered the card with some gorgeous Mica Pearl Papers I bought at the workshop I went to and finished it off with very fine gold peel offs.

And finally, this one I thought was quite cute.  I used free templates from one of the magazines, some card blanks I'd had from last year which I cut down and voila!!  Quite a cute card which cost me nothing.  Happy with that.

Right I'm off now to do some more cards - actually I might go via my bed first, but we'll see which has the stronger pull!  Speak soon.  Byeee xx


Anita said...

Good Morning Liz....I feel your pain about not wanting to get up Hun and what a shame about the camera not working. Hope you are snuggled back under your duvet now.
You have been busy with your cards again! Quite a production line going on!
I am looking forwards to doing the acetate card Liz, thank you for doing it at the crop

KraftyKaren said...

I would have gone straight back to bed Liz.

Some lovely cards - you have been busy.

liz said...

I must admit bed did look very inviting but it was just as well I didn't as my daughter and the other two granddaughters arrived at 10am. How embarrassing it would have been to be caught back in bed!!! x

Linda said...

What a shame Liz, but at least you had more time to play :)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Never mind, some beautiful cards came out of it....ce la vi.....or however it is spelt :)