Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Back again ....

Hi me again with a further instalment of my trip down under.  I've been off poorly this week hence the delay.

Right, where was I?  Oh yes, we were staying in Chris' father-in-law's beach house in Portsea which is about 2 hours' drive from Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula.  Portsea is fascinating as one side of the beach is on the Bay and the other side is on the Pacific Ocean.  So you can actually walk along a spit of land and one side is flat and calm and the other side is windy and choppy.  Quite odd.

We walked all the way out there, exploring as we went - I believe it was about 3km - it seemed a lot longer.

We had to walk all the way up this stairway, why I'm not sure! but it was flippin' hard work, I can tell you.

The girls did manage but were so weary at the top that 'good old uncle Nick' was roped in to help out!

On the way back we caught the tractor and trailer which took us back to base, and very welcome it was too.

A very tired Adam having a cuddle with daddy.

Chris and Fi like to keep on the move so the next stop was off to Portsea beach. Absolutely brilliant weather and right by the beach where they had the reception for their wedding 5 years ago.

In fact whilst we were there a bride arrived by sea plane and walked along the very long pier to her groom and friends and was married on the beach!  Now that's the way to do it - unfortunately I don't think they had practised beforehand and the bride nearly fell in trying to get out of the plane and jumping onto the pier.  She did get wet!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures as we were all paddling in the sea.

Everyone had great fun making sand castles and playing in the water and at the end of the day everyone decided it was time for Chris to be covered in sand.  Not sure why but it did seem like fun at the time!

Chris thought it was fun, but I don't think Adam did!!

Right I've bored you enough for now.  I'm off but will be back with some examples of what I've doing at home.

Byeee  xx


Lynn said...

Lovely to see all th photos and hear all the news from Oz Liz. Can't wait to see the layouts you make for you trip down under.

liz said...

Thanks Lynn - at the moment all the photos are still on the computer! I've been collecting different papers but printing the pictures off is what stops me. x

Linda said...

Lovely photos Liz, will make some fab pages.x

liz said...

Thanks Linda. xx

Anita said...

You have some wonderful pics there Liz.....what a beautifulplace it looks...and I love the family ones, what fun you must have all had. So sorry you have been feeling poorly though, I do hope you are all better now (((hugs)))...xxxx