Monday, 1 March 2010

Well I'm back .........

Well I'm back!  Its taken me rather longer than I thought to get my head together and actually sit down and a) do some card making and b) to write my blog!  Don't know why but just couldn't get round to it.  Anyway I wasn't idle - oh no - I've tidied up my work room and re-arranged everything and its so much better.  Whether I will be able to find anything remains to be seen!  Before I left for Oz I bought a job lot of scrapbooking stuff from a lady who had to give it up and wanted to have her room back!  I just assumed it would be a couple of boxes but there were five black bin liners plus about 7 lovely boxes all jam packed full of stuff.  I was in seventh heaven unpacking it all!  So that's what triggered me off re-arranging my work room.

Right, well as some of may know I've been to Australia for three weeks to visit my son and 2 grandchildren.  We flew Air Singapore and went on the great big AirBus - it was very large.

At the same time my daughter and 2 other grandchildren, together with my middle son also came out too and we all stayed with Chris!  It was fun - noisy, crowded but fun and the children all got on well - 1year old boy, Adam, 3 year old girl, Emma (Oz), 5 year old girl, Emily, and 10 year old girl, Chloe. 

The two elder girls were very good on the flight out - they managed to sleep for quite a lot of the journey, lying across my daughter and myself!  Obviously they were very excited to be in Australia and we went to the beach and paddled etc before Emma and Adam came back from kinder school. 

However once the excitement of everything and meeting up with their cousins had passed, they just collapesed in a big heap whilst watching the tv just before tea.

I'll be back with the next installment - I warn you, you'll be sorry!!! xxx


Anita said...

LIZZZZY LOOOO LAAAAA! You are back in the land of blog! :) :)

Hiya Hun, good to see you. So glad you had such a super time and cannot wait to see more pics and hear the tales you have to tell!Loving the pics so far, your Grandchildren are sooo cute.
Nice one with the scrapping stuff, you lucky thing you....enjoy sorting it all out :)
Catch you later ok and look forwards to seeing you on
love Anita..xxxx

liz said...

Thanks Anita, me too! x

Lynn said...

Pleased you had a good time, and we can't wait to hear more about it. Bet you have a lot of photos to scrap!!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Great to hear you had a ball and are back on the scrapping windfall :)